Finishing the example of the icy cave-in on Csilla, after taking the preceding rules into account, you might come up with the following statistics block for the hazard.

Csilla Cave-In CL 8

The underground ice caverns of Csilla shake and rumble, sending heavy blocks of ice crashing to the ground.



Trigger A creature or a droid in the ice cavern fires a weapon that makes noise; targets any creature, droid, or object in the area of the cave-in

Attack +10 vs. Reflex Defense

Daño d12 + 1

Recurrence Each round at the start of the target's turn, as long as the target remains in the area of the cave-in



Acrobatics (DC 28): As a move action, a character can make an Acrobatics check to gain a +5 circumstance bonus to Reflex Defense

against a falling ice attack made against the character at the start of his or her next turn.

Perception (DC 23): A character notices that the roof of the ice cavern is unstable and believes that a loud noise could cause a cave-in.


Each hazard statistics block begins with the hazard's name and CL, followed by a brief description of the hazard and its keyword(s). Next, the block describes the trigger, presents the attack value and damage value, and explains the conditions of recurrence. The block then lists the skills that interact with the hazard and concludes with special effects (if any) that come into play.

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