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Rather than providing statistics for every member of a Vehicle's crew, most Vehicle descriptions provide a general "Crew Quality" descriptor.

The following chart lists the five levels of Crew Quality for GM-controlled Vehicle crews, along with the appropriate check modifiers. Use the number in the Attack Bonus column to for all Attack Rolls performed by the crew. Use the number in the Check Modifier column for all Skill Checks related to the operation of the vessel (Including Mechanics, Pilot, and Use Computer checks). Crew Quality modifiers a Vehicle's Combat Level (CL), as shown in the CL Modifier column. These modifiers are already included in the Vehicle's statistics.

For unique Vehicles where the crew's statistics are included, this table is unnecessary. All crewmembers of a general Crew Quality are considered to only have Nonheroic levels.

Untrained -5 +0 -1
Normal +0 +5 +0
Skilled +2 +6 +1
Expert +5 +8 +2
Ace +10 +12 +4

Additional Starship Maneuvers and Crew Quality[edit | edit source]

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy

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Though generic crews aboard Starships do not come with any stock Starship Maneuvers, Gamemasters who allow the use of the Starship Maneuvers system may wish to allow generic crews to make use of some maneuvers in combat. Use the guidelines below to determine the Feats and Starship Maneuvers (Of any type) available to a generic crew. If a given Vehicle has any Weapon Systems not operated by the Pilot, it may also gain additional Gunner maneuvers (Given in parentheses):

The table below lists some of the most common Starship Maneuvers for Starships that fulfill certain roles. When a Gamemaster wishes to add the Starship Maneuvers system to a generic Starship's repertoire, they need only consult the table below, determine the relevant maneuvers for that Starship's role, and then choose a number of Starship Maneuvers from that list based on the Crew's Quality.

Bomber Angle Deflector Shields, Attack Pattern Delta, Evasive Action, Overwhelming Assault, Segnor's Loop, Skim the Surface, Strike Formation Devastating Hit, Explosive Shot, Shield Hit
Superiority Fighter Attack Pattern Delta, Attack Formation Zeta Nine, Corellian Slip, Darklighter Spin, Howlrunner Formation, I Have You Now, Skywalker Loop Shield Hit
Interceptor Ackbar Slash, Afterburn, Corellian Slip, Counter, Darklighter Spin, I Have You Now, Intercept, Skywalker Loop, Snap Roll, Tallon Roll, Target Lock Thruster Hit
Scout Fighter Afterburn, Attack Formation Zeta Nine, Counter, Evasive Action, Snap Roll, Wotan Weave Engine Hit
Shuttle/Transport Ackbar Slash, Angle Deflector Shields, Evasive Action, Wotan Weave Engine Hit, Shield Hit, Thruster Hit
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