Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Vehicles and Vessels

See also: Vulnerabilities

Some Vehicles are ill-designed for long voyages, or designed by Species who do not fully understand the space requirements for humanoids. These ships tend to fatigue passengers and crew quickly, requiring more frequent shore-leaves to stay at peak efficiency.

Eligibility: Any Vehicle with Consumables of at least 6 Months.

Weakness: Any Crew or Passengers onboard a vessel with Cramped Quarters for one month suffer a Persistent -1 step on the Condition Track, and move an additional -1 step down each additional two months. These Persistent Conditions cannot be healed as normal, instead requiring at least five days off-ship to recover each step (Characters can only be moved -4 steps on the Condition Track this way, and will not fall unconscious as a result).

Benefit: +1 Emplacement Point

Special: Gamemasters are welcome to use these effects for other situations as appropriate, such as Passenger Cramming in cargo areas, or cramped jail cell conditions.

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