Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: GaW Bases and Battlestations

Several Coupling Stations connect the Reactor Core to systems and weapons throughout a Battlestation and serve as buffers and routers for the core's massive power flow. Saboteurs can use these Coupling Stations to tamper with the power flow to almost any section of the station. For example, Obi-Wan Kenobi deactivated the Death Star's Tractor Beam by tampering with a Couling Station linked to the weapon. Gamemasters can determine which systems are linked to Coupling Stations individually (Such as the aforementioned Tractor Beam) and which systems are linked as groups (Such as a Battery of Turbolasers).

Coupling Station

A character must make a Medium Use Computer check to use a Couling Station to cut power to a particular system, shutting it down. In addition, Coupling Stations can be used for other kinds of sabotage. A character can make a Moderate Use Computer check to reroute power to a deactivated system, brining that system back online. By making a Hard Use Computer check, a character can cause a power surge in the attached system, shutting it down and dealing energy damage to the system's internal parts (Bypassing any DR the system might have) equal to a Battlestation Hazard's expected damage (See Battlestation Challenge Level).

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