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Your Destiny is to corrupt an individual, organization, or location. You may seek to turn a person to the Dark Side or indoctrinate a group of people in the ways of evil. Your Destiny may also be to become corrupted yourself, either by another character, an organization, or a series of life-changing events that unfold over time. The Corruption should be a long-term goal requiring a great deal of time and effort.

Examples of this Destiny include the Emperor's corruption of Anakin Skywalker, a dark-force user transforming a Jedi shrine into a temple of evil, or an Imperial Officer convincing an Alliance cell to betray The Rebel Alliance. Additionally, a character's Destiny could be to allow themselves to be corrupted by the Dark Side; their fall into darkness becomes the path to achieving this Destiny.

Additional Corruption Destiny Edit

The following information details the use of the Corruption Destiny in a number of different campaign settings.

The Legacy Era Edit

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

This Destiny requires you to corrupt another person, an organization, or yourself. In The Legacy Era, opportunities for Corruption are more often on a personal scale than an organizational one. The new Sith might attempt to Corrupt a surviving Jedi into joining The Dark Side. An individual isolated by losses in the war between The Galactic Alliance and The Galactic Empire might be Corrupted into joining a pirate or criminal organization.

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