Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

You are an extension of your corporation, and wield their power as your own.

Competitive Drive Edit

You are driven to compete and succeed. Once per encounter, you can reroll any Wisdom-, Intelligence-, or Charisma-based Skill Check (Except Use the Force), keeping the better of the two results.

Competitive Edge Edit

When you and your allies are not Surprised, you and a number of allies equal to your Charisma modifier (Minimum 1), which you designate on your first turn, gain the benefits of the Quick Draw feat for the remainder of the encounter.

Corporate Clout Edit

Prerequisites: Impose Hesitance Talent, Wrong Decision Talent

You are adept at making deals that make opponents question which side they should be on. Once per encounter, as a Standard Action, you can make a Persuasion check against the Will Defense of an opponent within line of sight. If your check equals or exceeds the target's Will Defense, the target cannot attack you for the remainder of the encounter. If your check exceeds the target's Will Defense by 5 or more, the target will not attack you or your allies for the remainder of the encounter. If your check exceeds the target's Will Defense by 10 or more, the target's Attitude toward you is now Friendly, and the target becomes your ally for the remainder of the encounter, remaining under the control of the Gamemaster. If you or one of your allies attacks the target, the target once again becomes Hostile.

If the target is a higher level than you, it gains a +5 bonus to it's Will Defense.

This is a Mind-Affecting Fear effect.

Impose Confusion Edit

Prerequisite: Impose Hesitation Talent

Increase the area of Impose Hesitation to a 12-square cone. Also, once per encounter, after making the Persuasion check for Impose Hesitation, you can instead choose to have the targets lose a Standard Action on their next turn.

Impose Hesitation Edit

As a Standard Action, make a Persuasion check targeting all opponents within a 6-square cone. If you equal or exceed the target's Will Defense, the target loses a Swift Action on it's next turn, and cannot take Full-Round Actions. This is a Mind-Affecting effect. Targets need to see, hear, and understand you to be affected by this attack.

Willful Resolve Edit

Once per encounter, you can negate the effects of a single attack roll or Skill Check made against you that targets your Will Defense.

Wrong Decision Edit

Each time you are attacked, the opponent that attacked you takes a -2 morale penalty to it's Will Defense until the end of your next turn. This penalty is not cumulative, so if a target makes multiple attacks against you it only incurs the penalty once per turn.

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