Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Intersteller corporations hold a large amount of power in all eras of play. In some regions, the corporations control enough systems to operate as the de facto government. However, most are spread across countless worlds throughout the galaxy. Their presence varies, ranging from near dominance of a local market, to only having a single office, store, or facility. Major corporations have agents of their own, looking after company interests. These agents might specialize in security, fraud, exploration, administration, or many other aspects of management and production. They operate in the open or covertly, normally restricting their activities to keeping an eye on their own company, but corporations can use agents for corporate espionage, or even sabotaging competitors.

Corporate Agents might wield as much or more power than government agents. Some agents find the company is their life. Indeed, with each promotion, they might find that the company demands more and more of their time in exchange for increased status, power, and pay.

Examples of Corporate Agents in Star Wars Edit

Fiolla of Lorrd, Haydel Goravvus, Jana Lorso, Odumin.

Prerequisites Edit

To qualify to become a Corporate Agent, a character must fulfill the following criteria:

Game Rule Information Edit

The following are the features of the Corporate Agent Prestige Class:

Corporate Agent Leveling Statistics
1st +0 Defense Bonuses, Talent
2nd +1 Executive Leadership (1/Encounter)
3rd +2 Talent
4th +3 Executive Leadership (2/Encounter)
5th +3 Talent
6th +4 Executive Leadership (3/Encounter)
7th +5 Talent
8th +6 Executive Leadership (4/Encounter)
9th +6 Talent
10th +7 Executive Leadership (5/Encounter)

Hit PointsEdit

At each level, Corporate Agents gain 1d8 hit points + their Constitution modifier.

Force Points Edit

Corporate Agents gain a number of Force Points equal to 6 + one-half their Character Level, rounded down, each time they gain a new level in this Prestige Class.

Defense Bonuses Edit

At 1st level, Corporate Agents gain a +2 Class bonus to their Reflex Defense, and a +4 Class bonus to their Will Defense.

Talents Edit

At every odd-numbered level (1st, 3rd, 5th, and so on), the Corporate Agent selects a Talent. The Corporate Agent must meet the prerequisites (If any) of the chosen Talent. No Talent can be selected more than once unless expressly indicated. A Corporate Agent can select a Talent from one of the Talent Trees (Corporate Agent).

Executive Leadership Edit

As a Swift Action, as many times as equal to half your Corporate Agent level, you can grant an ally within line of sight a temporary boost to their Speed, attack rolls, or Defenses. Until the end of their turn, they gain one of the following benefits:

  • Increase their base Speed by 2 squares.
  • Add a +2 morale boost to their attack rolls.
  • Add a +2 morale boost to all their Defenses.
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