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When the Rebellion needs to board an enemy ship quickly, few craft compare to Corellian Engineering Corporation's YM-2800 survey and mining vessel. A member of a subclass of mining vessels called limpet ships, the YM-2800 secures itself to the surface of an asteroid or planet. It uses powerful Plasma Beam Cutters and other drilling devices to blast through the rocky surface to the ore below. The Rebels use the YM-2800 to breach enemy ships so that a crew in Armored Space Suits can board the vessel. Military vessels are assaulted on occasion, but the Rebels more often use the craft for breaching the hulls of massive bulk freighters or for cutting into Imperial bases and storehouses.

Even though the YM-2800 has heavy-duty particle shielding, it does not have ray shields as standard equipment. Rebel technicians have, however, added Light Laser Cannons to provide limited self-defense. The Plasma Beam Cutter consumes so much power that the ship loses all shielding and can fire no Weapon Systems during the round in which the cutting beam is used. The ship's Shield Rating and Weapon Systems become functional at the start of the Pilot's next turn.

Corellian YM-2800 Limpet Ship Statistics (CL 7)[edit | edit source]

Colossal Space Transport

Initiative: -4; Senses: Perception +6

Defense[edit | edit source]

Reflex Defense: 12 (Flat-Footed: 12), Fortitude Defense: 26; +12 Armor, Vehicular Combat

Hit Points: 120; Damage Reduction: 15; Shield Rating: 10; Damage Threshold: 76

Offense[edit | edit source]

Speed: Fly 6 Squares (Character Scale), Fly 2 Squares (Starship Scale); (Maximum Velocity 800 km/h)

Ranged: Medium Laser Cannons +6 (See Below)

Ranged: Plasma Beam Cutter +6 (See Below)

Fighting Space: 12x12 Squares (Character Scale), 1 Square (Starship Scale); Total Cover

Base Attack Bonus: +2; Grapple: +38

Special Actions: Plasma Beam Cutter (See Below)

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strength: 42, Dexterity: 10, Constitution: -, Intelligence: 14

Skills: Initiative -4, Mechanics +6, Perception +6, Pilot -4, Use Computer +6

Ship Statistics[edit | edit source]

Crew: 6 (Skilled Crew Quality); Passengers: 6

Cargo: 125 Tons; Consumables: 2 Months; Carried Craft: None

Availability: Restricted; Cost: 150,000 (70,000 Used)

Weapon Systems[edit | edit source]

Medium Laser Cannons (Pilot)[edit | edit source]

Attack Bonus: +6, Damage: 4d10x2

Plasma Beam Cutter (Pilot)[edit | edit source]

Attack Bonus: +6, Damage: - (Grapple +38)

Plasma Beam Cutter[edit | edit source]

The YM-2800 has a powerful beam cutter that can be used to drill into a Starship, creating a breach through which a boarding party can enter. As a Standard Action, the Pilot of the Limpet Ship can make an attack with the Plasma Beam Cutter against a ship in an adjacent square. If the attack succeeds, the Limpet Ship moves into the target's space and attaches itself to the hull of the target ship without triggering a Collision.

Each round thereafter, as a Standard Action, the Pilot can use the Plasma Beam Cutter to make a Grapple check and deal damage to the target ship equal to the Grapple check's result, ignoring the target ship's Shield Rating. When the target ship has taken cumulative damage from the drill in excess of its Damage Threshold, the Limpet Ship punches through and its boarding party can enter the target ship.

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