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A Copilot can help the Pilot by using the Aid Another Action (See below). The Copilot must be seated in a location where they can see in front of the Vehicle and advise the Pilot (In most cases, this location is the cockpit). Aiding the Pilot is a Standard Action, leaving the Copilot with a Move Action and a Swift Action each round to perform other tasks. A Vehicle can have only one Copilot at a time.

The below Actions include all Actions that can be performed while functioning as a Copilot:

Standard Actions[edit | edit source]

A Standard Action could be any one of the following:

Aid Another[edit | edit source]

As a Standard Action, you can aid an ally's next Skill Check, Ability Check, or Attack Roll.

Aiding a Skill Check or Ability Check: You can help another character achieve success on their Skill Check or Ability Check by making the same kind of Skill Check or Ability Check in a cooperative effort. If you roll a 10 or higher on your check, the character you are helping gains a +2 bonus on their check. You can't Take 10 (Or Take 20) on a Skill Check or Ability Check to Aid Another. Only the Copilot can assist on Pilot checks, and only the Commander can assist on Use Computer checks. Any crewmember can aid any other Skill Check or Ability Check.

Aiding an Attack Roll: In Vehicle Combat, you can Aid Another character's Attack by providing improved targeting data, or by coordinating that Attack with other Vehicle Actions.

  • A Gunner can grant a +2 bonus on another character's Attack Roll by making an Attack against a Reflex Defense of 10.
  • A System Operator can grant a +2 bonus on another character's Attack Roll by making a DC 10 Use Computer check.
  • A Commander can grant a +2 bonus on another character's Attack Roll by making a DC 10 Knowledge (Tactics) check.

Attack with a Vehicle Weapon[edit | edit source]

Any Gunners (Including the Pilot or Copilot, if there are Pilot-operated weapons on the Vehicle) can make an Attack with their Vehicle Weapon as a Standard Action. The maximum Range and the Range Modifiers of a Vehicle Weapon Attack depend on the Vehicle Weapon used (See Weapon Systems).

Capital Ships: Capital Ship Weapons are designed for long-range bombardment against large or immobile targets, and they have difficulty tracking very small targets. When Attacking a target of less than Colossal size, a Vehicle that is Colossal (Frigate) size or larger takes a -20 penalty on it's Attack Rolls. Point-Defense Weapons are specifically designed to Attack smaller targets, and do not take these penalties.

Trained Pilot: If you are Trained in the Pilot skill, you gain a +2 bonus on all Attacks made with any Vehicle Weapon identified as being crewed by the Pilot.

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