Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

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Preceded by Betrayal on Phinel's Folly

If Vordell survives the battle and the heroes defeat the Stormtroopers, he begs the heroes' forgiveness and says that the Imperials tortured him. "They were looking for these blaster rifles", he lies. "They caught me right after I talked to you, and threatened to torture my crew, too, if I didn't help them capture you." If the heroes believe him, Vordell thanks them for rescuing him, finishes the negotiations as expeditiously as possible, and sets out for his ship, along with Kollu and Tram (If they also survived), planning to get far away before the heroes realize that he betrayed them.

If the lieutenant survives the battle, he makes threats about reprisals and warns the heroes that his ship, Auditor, is nearby, with orders to fire on any ship attempting to leave the moon's surface unless he gives them the "All Clear" code. He refuses to do so, however, insisting that the heroes are his prisoners, saying, "It will be easier for you if you drop your weapons and surrender to me now."

If the heroes try to leave the surface without the lieutenant giving the all clear, they find that he was not lying. However, by the time Auditor gets out of its hiding place, the heroes can break atmosphere and jump to Hyperspace.

If the heroes are captured, the lieutenant arrests them- and Vordell, if he survived- on charges of smuggling, resisting arrest, and if it seems even remotely plausible, treason (For stealing Imperial materiel with the intent of supplying the Rebellion).

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