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A computer includes any electronic device that stores and processes data. Its Intelligence score represents its processing capability, and is relevant when making Use Computer checks.

Storage Devices: Some computers are very simple and used only for recording, storing, or viewing data. Some storage devices include a basic operating system and display that allows for manual viewing, entry, and editing of data, but these are more expensive.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Code Cylinder 500 0.1 kg
Credit Chip 100 0.1 kg
Blank Datacards (10) 10 0.1 kg
Basic Datapad 100 0.5 kg
Standard Datapad 1000 0.3 kg
Personal Holoprojector 1000 0.5 kg
Portable Computer 5000 2 kg
Threats of the Galaxy
Computer Spike 1500 1 kg
HiBaka 2000 Mem-Stik 50 -
Lectroticker 1500 1 kg
Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
Computer Interface Visor 1200 0.5 kg
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Bracer Computer 1300 0.5 kg
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Xcalq-3GA "Slicer Special" Portable Computer 7500 2 kg
Xcalq Stealth Pack 1500 -
Galaxy at War
Triangulation Visor 1400 0.5 kg
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Implant Chip 4000 0 kg
Recognizer Lock 2000 0.1 kg
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