Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy of Intrigue

Upgrade Type: Universal Upgrade

Upgrade Point Cost: 1 (Basic), 2 (Deluxe)

Availability: Common

Componentization is a process where a single piece of Equipment or Weapon is composed of several different pieces, each of which is disguised to appear as another type of Equipment, such as a Comlink, a Datapad, or even a vibroshaver. Componentization is a common upgrade for assassins, smugglers, and nobles who want to carry Weapons or other Equipment into a location secretly.

The Basic Componentization upgrade (One Upgrade Slot) breaks the item or Weapon into two component parts, each one size category smaller than the original item. An item or Weapon with the Deluxe upgrade (Two Upgrade Slots) breaks down into four items, each two size categories smaller than the original item. For example, a Medium Sporting Blaster Rifle can break down into two Small objects with the Basic upgrade or into four Tiny objects with the Deluxe upgrade.

A Full-Round Action is required to assemble a componentized item from two parts. Two Full-Round Actions are required to assemble a Componentized item from four parts. Identifying a component as part of this upgrade package requires a DC 30 Perception or DC 25 Knowledge (Technology) check.

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