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Communications Devices in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game are assumed to use the same basic set of frequencies. The primary differences between them lie in range, size, and what kind of data (Audio, Video, or Holo) that they can carry. If two or more Communication Devices are within range of one another and share a Data Type, they can communicate.

Saga Edition Core Rulebook
Short-Range Audio, Video1, Holo1 25 0.1 kg
Long-Range Audio, Video1, Holo1 250 1 kg
Pocket Scrambler1 N/A 400 0.5 kg
Vox-Box Audio 200 0.1 kg
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Visual Wrist Comm Audio, Video 1300 0.25 kg
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Hands-Free Comlink Audio 150 0.1 kg
Galaxy at War
Com Scrambler N/A 6000 10 kg
Targeting Beacon N/A 300 0.1 kg
Tightbeam Comlink Audio 300 0.5 kg
Galaxy of Intrigue
Earbud Comlink Audio 200 -
Panic Ring N/A 300 -
Holo Converter Holo 3000 2 kg
Unknown Regions
Signal Wand Audio 300 0.2 kg
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
Translation Pod Audio 15000 -
Homebrew Content - New Jedi Order Campaign Guide
Tizowyrm Audio - -
Villip Audio - -
General Homebrew Content
Vocalizer Mask Audio 100 0.25 kg

1: Optional addon.

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