Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

See also: Force Powers

You use The Force to agitate particles in the air to create a pyrokinetic spray of sparks.

Time: Standard Action

Targets: All targets within a 2x2 square area (The entire area must be within 12 squares of you and in your line of sight).

Make a Use the Force check. Compare the result to the Fortitude Defense of each target in the affected area. If the check result equals or exceeds a target's Fortitude Defense, the target takes 4d6 points of Fire damage and catches on Fire. This is an Area Attack.

The result of your Use the Force check determines the attack bonus of the Fire each round it burns. This replaces the Fire's normal attack bonus.

Special: You can spend a Force Point to move one target hit by this Force Power -1 step along the Condition Track.

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