Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Characters can use their existing Feats in new ways, as noted in this article. Essentially, certain Feats allow characters to benefit from combining their use. A character wishing to use one of the combinations described in the article must have all the required Feats to do so.

Dodge + Charging FireEdit

Required Feats: Dodge, Charging Fire

You can reduce your penalty to your Reflex Defense against all opponents to -1 when making a ranged attack at the end of a Charge.

Dodge + Running AttackEdit

Required Feats: Dodge, Running Attack

You can add your dodge bonus to your Reflex Defense against anyone who makes an Attack of Opportunity against you while using the Running Attack Feat.

Dual Weapon Mastery I + Quick DrawEdit

Required Feats: Dual Weapon Mastery I, Quick Draw

You can draw or holster two weapons with a single Swift Action; you must have both hands free to draw both weapons, and each weapon must be able to be held in one hand.

Force Training + Improved DisarmEdit

Required Feats: Force Training, Improved Disarm

When you use the Force Disarm Force Power, you gain the +5 bonus from Improved Disarm on your Use the Force check as though you were making an attack roll.

Quick Draw + Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers)Edit

Required Feats: Quick Draw, Weapon Proficiency (Lightsabers)

You can draw and ignite your Lightsaber as a single Swift Action.

Weapon Focus + Weapon FinesseEdit

Required Feats: Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse

When you are wielding a single one-handed weapon for which you have Weapon Focus, you can treat that weapon as a Light Weapon.

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