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Colicoids are na insectoid species native to Coila IV. In Battle, Colicoids curl up into a protective ball, then unfurl suddenly, catching their prey off guard. Their alien, insectoid minds give them a natural defense against Jedi Mind Tricks.

Colicoids are highly intelligent, emotionless, and cannibalistic (Particularly when food is scarce). Long ago, they transferred their ruthlessness to commerce, making them brutally efficient at business. Despite the Colicoids successful commercial ventures and their strict business protocols, enough visitors to the Colla System have been murdered and consumed by the Colicoids that Colla IV has spend years in diplomatic disputes. Many diplomats consider an assignment to Colla IV a death sentence.

Colicoids are responsible for designing the Trade Federations’s murderous Droideka-Series Destroyer Droids fashioned to resemble their creators.


Colicoid Characteristics Edit

Personality: Colicoids posses a ruthless cunning that serves them well on the battlefield and at the negotiating table. They are vicious, calculating creatures driven by greed, and they show little regard for others.

Physical Description: Colicoids are tall, insectoid beings with multiple appendages, chitinous bodies, and powerful stinging tails. Their flat heads have multi-faceted eyes that give them superior vision, and their long antennae provide an acute sense of smell. Adult colicoids averages 1.8 meters tall.

Age Groups: Colicoids age at the following stages:

1-4 Years 5-7 Years 8-33 Years 34-49 Years 50-64 Years 65+ Years

Homeworld: Colla IV, located on the border of The Inner Rim and The Expansion Region.

Languages: The Colicoid language envolve clicks and humming noises from their antennae and jointed legs, which is difficult to interpret and impossible for other Species to reproduce. They speak basic with a noticeable buzz. Colicoids often converse in their own language while in the presence of other Species- few would be pleased to hear what schemes and plots the Colicoids discuss right in front of them. Colicoids do not have a written language of their own and must use Basic.

Example Names: Bzhat, G’zharp, Kyrrik, J’kikrizt, T’karzhk, ytil.

Adventurers: Colicoids are rarely anything other than Soldiers, although an enterprising Colicoid might find success as a Scoundrel, Scout, or Bounty Hunter. No colicoids Force-users are known to exist.

Colicoid Species Traits Edit

Colicoids share the following Species Traits:

  • Ability Modifiers: All Colicoids receive +2 bonuses to both their Dexterity and Intelligence, but suffer a -2 penalty to their Wisdom, and a -6 penalty to their Charisma. Colicoids are infamously conniving individuals, whose lack of empathy put them at odds with the greater galaxy.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Colicoids have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Colicoids have a base speed of 6 squares.
  • Natural Armor: Colicoids have armored carapaces that provide a +2 Natural Armor bonus to their Reflex Defense. A Natural Armor bonus stacks with an Armor bonus.
  • Natural Weapon: A Colicoid has a Natural Weapon, in the form of its wicked sharp stinger. When a Colicoid makes an Unarmed attack, it may choose to use it's Natural Weapon, dealing 1d6 points of Piercing damage with the attack instead of normal Unarmed damage. A Colicoid is always considered armed with their Natural Weapon.
    • Additionally, should the Sting attack successfully deal damage against a target with a Constitution score, the Colicoid makes an additional attack roll (1d20 + the Colicoid's Character Level) against the target's Fortitude Defense. If successful, the target takes an additional 2d6 points of damage.
  • Force Resistance: A Colicoid's alien physiology makes them resistant to The Force. Colicoids receive a +5 bonus to their Will Defense against any use of the Use the Force Skill.
  • Defensive Ball: When threatened or attacked, a Colicoid can curl itself up into a tight ball, protecting its vital organs and exposing its tough chitinous carapace. Rolling into a ball is a Full-Round Action and grants the Colicoid a +5 bonus to its Damage Threshold.
    • Once in a ball, the Colicoid cannot take any Standard Actions and can grasp only a single Small object (Such as a Comlink). The Colicoid cannot see while curled up but listens and smells without hindrance. As a Move Action, the Colicoid can rapidly unroll into a full standing position.
  • Automatic Languages: All Colicoids can speak Colicoid. They have no written form of their language.
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