Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Grand Army of the Republic (Part 1)

Equipment Type: Medical Gear

Cost: 2,000,000

Weight: 70 Kilograms (Empty)

Availability: Restricted*

*See Republic Decree E49D139.41

Descendent from cloning technology acquired from the Columi and Khommites, Kaminoan-style Cloning Tanks, upon creation of a clone, decant an infant, who then grows up as a normal child would (Age acceleration notwithstanding). Creating the clone requires 1 day of work per 1,000 credits of the cloning cost. Upon creation, the clone is a Child both physically and mentally for the appropriate Species, age 1. Any clone decanted from a Kaminoan Cloning Tank must resist an attack against their Will Defense with a Base Attack Bonus of -5. Should the attack hit, the clone is afflicted with the Clone Madness complication.

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