Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook created by Ryan Brooks and Keith Kappel

Chapter 1 - Vehicles and Vessels

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The following chapter features entries for hundreds of new vehicles used by various forces that took part in the Clone Wars. The gamemaster should feel free to adjust crew qualities as necessary to suit the needs of their specific campaign. Otherwise, these Vehicles are ready to use as allies or opponents, combat craft or civilian vessels, supplementing those presented in the official Star Wars Saga Edition Roleplaying Game books.

Also presented in this chapter are a number of new Emplacements for which to modify Vehicles. These items are designed for use with the Starship Modification rules presented in chapter three of Starships of the Galaxy. Additional stock stats have been also been included in this chapter to aid in the creation of custom Vehicles for your campaign. Finally, alternate rules have been provided to facilitate some of the additions offered in this chapter.

Chapter 2 - The Dark Side

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Before the Battle of Naboo, The Sith were thought to have been extinct for nearly a millennia, when in reality they had been living in shadows, plotting their revenge against The Jedi and The Galactic Republic that had nearly destroyed their Order so long ago. A thousand years earlier, forces of light were pitted against the forces of darkness in the New Sith War that culminated on the planet of Ruusan. Rather than admit defeat, the vengeful Sith used their dark arts to destroy themselves and take many of The Jedi with them. There was one survivor from the conflict; a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Bane. It was he who realized that The Sith would never succeed, let alone survive, if they were constantly squabbling amongst themselves for power. Armed with this insight, he created the Rule of Two, which stated that at any given time there could only be two Sith- a Master and an Apprentice.

The Sith grew in power in this manner for nearly a thousand years. Through cold manipulation the latest master of the Sith tradition, Darth Sidious, orchestrated a scheme of galactic proportions to exact his vengeance on The Jedi on behalf of The Sith. When his plan was set in motion, it brought about the creation of a Separatist movement that later evolved into The Confederacy of Independent Systems and subsequently sparked the conflict that was the Clone Wars. Over the course of these events, The Sith had managed to sway a great many followers to their cause, including several Jedi to serve as assassins, commanders and spies for the Separatist forces. The following is a chronicling of The Sith and those who would do their bidding.

Chapter 3 - Species

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The Galactic Republic was made up of tens of thousands of worlds inhabited by thousands of sentient species. During the Clone Wars, these sentient beings were divided between the loyalist forces of the Grand Army of the Republic, and the traitorous Confederacy of Independent Systems. The following are some of the alien species known to the galaxy during the Clone Wars.

Chapter 4 - Equipment

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The galaxy has seen the development of a vast array of devices over the millennia. Countless wars have been waged on every scale and an immeasurable amount of lives have been lost. Over the years, new devices have been created to be more effective on the battlefield. Some focus on efficiency and precision, or provide aid to those on the battlefield. Other creations aim to be more destructive than anything the galaxy has ever seen. The Clone Wars were no exception.

Research and development teams worked tirelessly on both sides to create a greater cache of weaponry and ingenious equipment in order to win the war. The Confederacy of Independent Systems uses its resources to manufacture everything from blasters to biochemical weapons. The Galactic Republic works equally hard to outdo their adversaries. The two armies create weapons of unspeakable devastation and devices that would be used in a variety of fields for years to come.

Chapter 5 - The Fringe

Bounty Hunters & Mercenaries (Part 1)

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The Clone Wars were waged by more than just the warriors who fought for principles and politics of the Republic or Separatists. Many missions were carried out by bounty hunters and mercenaries, skilled sentient beings with colorful backgrounds and unique abilities that were preferable to Droids or Clones for many types of missions. The following characters are combatants who worked for the highest bidder, either as mercenaries or bounty hunters.

Bounty Hunters & Mercenaries (Part 2)


Force Users


Chapter 6 - The Jedi

The Jedi Order

Jedi Padawans

Jedi Knights (Part 1)

Jedi Knights (Part 2)

Jedi Knights (Part 3)

Jedi Masters (Part 1)

Jedi Masters (Part 2)

Chapter 7 - The Armies

Grand Army of the Republic (Part 1)

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The following traits are unusual abilities and impairments that can be used to enhance a particular character or heroic group.

Grand Army of the Republic (Part 2)

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Hand selected by Jango Fett, the Cuy’val Dar were a collection of seventy-five Mandalorians warriors and twenty-five other deadly warriors with expert skills in over a dozen specialties. Each Cuy’val Dar training sergeant was specifically brought in to train over two dozen four-man commando squads. Many took on additional duties, training specialized skills to other trainers’ squads, or even giving specialized skills to ARC Troopers, Clone Commandos, and other specialized troopers Not all of the Cuy’val Dar got along, oftening leading to infighting between different cliques. After the Battle of Geonosis, most of these warriors returned to a mercenary lifestyle, eager to leave rain-soaked Kamino. While some of those individuals fought for the Confederacy against the very troops they trained, a handful of the Cuy’val Dar remained with their trainees acting as special advisers for the Republic’s Special Operations Brigade.

Clone Vehicle Crews



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