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Specifically designed to target the Republic's Jango Fett clones, this contaminant was an effort led by Uthan that was destroyed before it could be finished. However, it is possible that some samples of the early incarnations of this chemical escaped destruction. It can be contracted via airborne contamination.

Clone-Killer Gas Statistics (CL 8)[edit | edit source]

Keywords: Inhaled, Poison

Trigger: A creature is exposed to the Clone-Killer Gas.

Attack: +10 vs Fortitude Defense

Damage: 3d8 (-2 Persistent steps on the Condition Track)

Recurrence: Hourly, until the Clone-Killer Gas is treated.

Suggested Skills: The following are suggested Skills for this Hazard:

Special: This Disease is designed specifically to target Republic Clones. Attacks by the Clone-Killer Gas against other Species have only a +1 bonus to their attacks.

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