Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy of Intrigue

See also: Poisons, Hazards

Potentially causing a stroke in a creature that ingests it, Chuba Poison is derived from glands of the Gorg, a small amphibious creature found on swampy planets.

Chuba Poison Statistics (CL 8)[edit | edit source]

Keywords: Ingested, Natural, Poison

Trigger: A creature ingests Chuba Poison.

Attack: +10 vs Fortitude Defense

Damage: - (-1 step on the Condition Track)

Recurrence: None.

Suggested Skills: The following are suggested Skills for this Hazard:

Special: If the attack beats the target's Fortitude Defense by 10 or more, they suffer instead from a Persistent Condition until three separate and successful DC 20 Treat Injury checks are made.

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