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Christophsis is a crystalline world in The Outer Rim Territories' Savareen Sector. Orbited by a single moon amongst the mineral-rich asteroids of the Christoph System, Christophsis was for a time a target for stray rocks because of its closeness to various asteroid belts, but the planet was refined by Tepasi nobles around 600 BBY, and later by the world's native Christophsian inhabitants, who originated as Humans from The Core. Christophsis is eventually protected from the asteroids and transformed into the center of a mining hub.

 Christophsis Statistics Edit

Region: The Outer Rim

Climate: Temperate

Gravity: Standard

Moons: 0

Length of Day: 26 Standard Hours

Length of Year: 369 Local Days

Sapient Species: 51% Human, 49% Other Species

Government: Empire

Capital: Chalcydonia

Major Exports: Raw Materials (Crystals)

Major Imports: Foodstuffs

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
10-14 Christophsis is an Outer Rim world covered in massive, green-blue crystal spires.
15+ The inhabitants of Christophsis have built their cities into and around the massive crystal spires, taking advantage of their solid structure to serve as both foundation and support.
Knowledge (Physical Sciences)
20-24 The crystalline city-spires of Christophsis are merely the largest examples of the crystals that grow all across the world. Most of the world's crystals grow in smaller clumps less than a meter tall.
25+ The crystals of Christophsis can sometimes be used as Lightsaber Crystals, though The Jedi prefer to obtain their crystals from more sacred sites.
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