Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Universal Upgrade

Cost: 500

Upgrade Point Cost: 1

Availability: Illegal

A Cheater is a hand-held device designed to allow you to cheat at the popular Gambling game of Sabacc. Because they are Illegal (And likely to get you killed to boot), Cheaters usually are disguised and added to another piece of functional Equipment.

While you use a Cheater, you gain a +2 Equipment bonus on the Wisdom check made to determine the outcome of Gambling. You have to make a Stealth check opposed by any observers' Perception checks to conceal the use of a Cheater, but you gain a bonus on your check determined by the objects size. (Generally, Cheaters are placed in Fine-sized devices such as Credit Chips or Comlinks, granting a +10 size bonus on Stealth checks to conceal their use.) However, if anyone ever beats your Wisdom check in a Sabacc game by 6 or more, that person realizes you must be cheating somehow (Though they won't know exactly how- often leading to a demand for a search of your possessions).

A Cheater installed into a rigged Sabacc Card is called a Skifter.

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