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The Galaxy is a dangerous place, and sometimes you have to fight to survive. Whether the enemy takes the form of battle droids or stormtroopers, a dark Force-user or a rampaging rancor, you need to be able to defend yourself. Using blasters, vibroblades, and lightsabers, heroes regularly get caught up in blazing firefights, wild cantina brawls, and mesmerizing lightsaber duels. You can try to bluff your way out of a tough situation, attempt to sneak away when your opponent is distracted, or even dazzle an enemy with your charming personality. But when all else fails, nothing beats having a good blaster at your side.

This article and tangential articles detail the combat rules, covering the basics first. The back end of the section looks at some of the more unusual strategies that heroes can employ, including using Vehicles in combat. Many special abilities and forms of damage that affect combat are covered in the Gamemastering section.

Combat Sequence Edit

Combat takes place in a series or rounds, with each character taking one turn each round.

Combat Statistics Edit

Several fundamental statistics determine how well you do in combat.

Special Combat Rules Edit

This section describes various special rules that arise during combat. The rules are presented alphabetically by topic.

Homebrew Character Combat Resources Edit

The below references are fan-made references to summarize specific rule sets into comprehensive compilations.

  • Grappling 101- A compilation of the Grapple and Grab rules for easy reference by players.
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