Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - The Jedi Order

Homebrew Warning

The teachings and practices of The Chalactan Adepts give them amazing strength of will, providing them with immense discipline over adverse manipulation of the mind and body. You must be a member of The Chalactan Adepts Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Chalactan Adept Edit

As a member of The Chalactan Adepts, you possess an unusually high degree of insight into the hearts and minds of others around you. You may choose to reroll any Perception check made to Sense Deception or Influence, keeping the better result. 

Lesser Mark of Illumination Edit

Seekers of Chalactan Enlightenment possess an intense willpower, allowing them to add twice their Wisdom modifier (Minimum of 1) to their Will Defense.

Greater Mark of Illumination Edit

Prerequisite: Lesser Mark of Illumination

Those who have been illuminated can withstand immense physical pain and torture. You are granted a bonus to your Damage Threshold equal to your Wisdom modifier. 

Chalactan Enlightenment Edit

Prerequisites: Lesser Mark of Illumination, Greater Mark of Illumination

Achievers of Chalactan Enlightenment are masters of within. You may spend a Force Point to become immune to all Mind-Affecting effects for the remainder of the encounter. 

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