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Even with the diversity of Species in the galaxy, the Givin often manage to shock or at least cause unease in most humanoids, since they greatly resemble walking skeletons. However, Givin are universally sought after as starship builders and engineers, both for their mathematically inclined minds and for their unique physiology that allows them to survive in complete vacuum.

Mathematics permeates every aspect of Givin society, so much so that even their language is infused with such concepts. Givin children start training early, preparing their minds to handle incredibly complex equations. Rigorous competitions determine the best and the brightest students, who are sent to monasteries where they spend their lives in deep contemplation, attempting to unravel the mysteries of life through formulae and mathematics.

The shipyards that circle Yag'Duhl, the Givin homeworld, produce sturdy and elegant starships and compete on a level matched only by the Duros and Verpine, the only Species that receive grudging respect from the Givin. However, Givin designers do not equip their ships with Navicomputers, since most Givin can calculate hyperspace jumps in their heads, and they often overlook life-support systems. Members of other Species that purchase Givin built ships must add these components.

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