Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

See also: Fields of Fire

If the heroes manage to survive the booby-trapped passage that leads into the highlands of the enemy's territory, they eventually reach Camp Kavel. Their success is judged by whether Pleth Juun survives the journey and by how quickly they arrive at the camp. For each day that the heroes are delayed, one wounded officer dies from injuries that the surgeon might have been able to treat.

If Juun dies or suffers grievous bodily injury en route to Camp Kavel, the heroes are welcomed with dismissive glances. The officer in charge, a young captain with more bravado than experience, dresses them down before assigning them to perimeter guard duty and one or two dangerous patrols. Within two days, the heroes' side of the conflict regains air superiority, and the characters are allowed to take a transport back to their headquarters.

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