Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook

Hand selected by Jango Fett, the Cuy’val Dar were a collection of seventy-five Mandalorians warriors and twenty-five other deadly warriors with expert skills in over a dozen specialties. Each Cuy’val Dar training sergeant was specifically brought in to train over two dozen four-man commando squads. Many took on additional duties, training specialized skills to other trainers’ squads, or even giving specialized skills to ARC Troopers, Clone Commandos, and other specialized troopers Not all of the Cuy’val Dar got along, oftening leading to infighting between different cliques. After the Battle of Geonosis, most of these warriors returned to a mercenary lifestyle, eager to leave rain-soaked Kamino. While some of those individuals fought for the Confederacy against the very troops they trained, a handful of the Cuy’val Dar remained with their trainees acting as special advisers for the Republic’s Special Operations Brigade.

B'Arin Apma CL 16 A well-respected Mandalorian that accepts a position in the Grand Army. N/A
Bric CL 15 Wearing Incomplete Armor, Siniteen
El-Les CL 15 N/A
Cort Davin CL 15 A former Journeyman Protector that trains clones in nonlethal tactics and civilian policing. N/A
Dred Priest CL 15 N/A
Isabet Reau CL 15 N/A
Kal Skirata CL 18 A member of the Cuy’val Dar that grows particularly attached to the "Null" ARC Troopers he trains. Dadita, Hearing Enhancer, Chain, Kuati Knife, Injuries
Llats Ward CL 15 A specialist in military tactics and battlefield history, he teaches psychology and field tactics as part of the Cuy’val Dar. N/A
Lord Mirdalan CL 14 N/A
Mij Gilamar CL 16 A medic that aids in the training of Clone Commandos. Loyal to Mandalore and Kal Skirata. N/A
Rav Bralor CL 16 A specialist in close-quarters and close ally of Kal Skirata. N/A
Wad'e Tay'haai CL 15 A true traditionalist of Mandalorian culture, carrying a traditional Bevii'ragir Spear and even mastering the Bes'bev Flute. Musician, Studio Musician, Solo Flourish, Battle Anthem, Composer
Walon Vau CL 17 A disgraced noble of Gesl, Walon forsake his heritage and joined The Mandalorians. Sawed-Off Weapon Template
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