Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook

The following traits are unusual abilities and impairments that can be used to enhance a particular character or heroic group.

Complications Edit

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Complications are temporary special qualities that any character can acquire through the course of their adventures. Similar to smaller-scale character Destinies, Complications often help to add depth, history, and circumstance to characters, but also provide bonuses and penalties for play in-game. Like with Destinies, Complications also provide a reward for successfully overcoming it, typically bonus Force Points.

Skills Edit

Below is a new use for a skill described in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook. This additional application of the skill can be used in any era.

Mentop (Social Sciences, Trained Only) Edit

Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook - Grand Army of the Republic (Part 1)

You can use your knowledge of the human psyche to help patients recover from their mental disorders (See Complications). A successful Knowledge (Social Sciences) check that equals or exceeds a target’s Will Defense reduces the attack bonus of their disorder by 1. Should the disorder’s attack bonus be reduced to +0, you may make an additional check at a -5 penalty. If this check succeeds, the Complication is cured.

Team Feats Edit

The new Feat presented here is available in any era, and follows the Team Feats rules presented in Galaxy at War.

Biologist Field Team Trained in Knowledge (Life Sciences) You and your allies are noted scientists, able to work together to conduct analysis and experiments both in the field and in the lab.

Species Feats Edit

The following Feats are an addition to the Species Feats found in the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide.

Aiwha Rider Kaminoan You are a gifted Aiwha Rider, and can weave your Mount through a variety of aerial or submerged maneuvers.
Analytical Detachment Kaminoan You are able to rely on logical reasoning and intelligence when others would rely on charm.
Kaminoan Grace Kaminoan Even among Kaminoans, your soft voice and fluid movements possess a regal grace that command attention and respect.

New Medic Talents Edit

This section presents new talents for the Medic Prestige Class found in the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide.

New Medical Secrets Edit

Listed below are new Medical Secrets for the Medic Prestige Class found in the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide.

New Equipment Edit

All cloning equipment is considered Military only, limiting most players or NPCs to acquire cloning equipment on the Black Market or by planning a heist.

Brain Mapper1 5,000,000 500 kg
Brainwave Probe 10,000 1 kg
Clone Serum (Per Dose)1 1,000 -
Cloning Tank, Kaminoan (Empty)1 2,000,000 70 kg
Cloning Tank, Spaarti (Empty)1 5,000,000 200 kg
Flash Memory Pump1 25,000 25 kg
Flash Training Helmet1 1,000 2 kg
Gene Sequencer1 2,500,000 500 kg
1: See Republic Decree E49D139.41

Cloners of Kamino Edit

Creators of the Grand Army of the Republic, the cloners of Kamino are some of the galaxy’s most talented geneticists. If not for Kamino’s superb cloning of bounty hunter Jango Fett into a fearsome, but obedient military force, the Republic would have been trampled by the Separatist droid army in short order. Below are the Kaminoans responsible for the creation of the Republic’s first standing army in a millennium.

Lama Su, Prime Minister CL 15
Taun We, Project Coordinator CL 10
Ko Sai, Chief Scientist CL 16
Orun Wa, Master Cloner CL 12
Glorii Profus, Mentop CL 5
Yan So, Headmaster CL 4
Nala Se, Chief of Medicine CL 14
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