Homebrew Reference Book: Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook

The Clone Wars were waged by more than just the warriors who fought for principles and politics of the Republic or Separatists. Many missions were carried out by bounty hunters and mercenaries, skilled sentient beings with colorful backgrounds and unique abilities that were preferable to Droids or Clones for many types of missions. The following characters are combatants who worked for the highest bidder, either as mercenaries or bounty hunters.

Aurra “Nashtah” Sing CL 15 N/A
Birok CL 4 Vehicle Drag
Boba Fett CL 1/ CL 3/ CL 7 Whipcord, Velocity-7 Dart Pistol
Bok CL 16 Cortosis Staff
Bossk CL 6 N/A
Cad Bane CL 17 Bola, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Ionizing Gauntlet, Hynogazer, Magno-Grip Boots, Stun Binders
Castas CL 8 N/A
Cato Parasitti CL 13 N/A
Cian Shee CL 8 N/A
Crovan Dane CL 5 Tahnchukka N/A
Cydon Prax CL 12 N/A
Enacca CL 12 N/A
Fong Do CL 6 N/A
Goomi CL 6 Metamorph II, Metamorph III
Kalyn Farnmir CL 8 N/A
Karniss CL 5 N/A
Magus CL 12 N/A
Nack Movers CL 5 N/A
Nan Mercador CL 8 Besalisk
Reymet Autem CL 7 N/A
Robonino CL 10 Patrolian, Thunder Road Crew
Ruusaan Skirata CL 7 N/A
Sar Omant CL 9 N/A
Shahan Alama CL 9 N/A
Tahnchukka CL 5 Crovan Dane
Vandalor CL 7 N/A
Vianna D'Pow CL 13 The Fringe N/A
Akku Seii CL 18 Anzati Assassins N/A
Rath Kelkko CL 15 Anzati Assassins N/A
Saljé Tasha CL 12 Anzati Assassins Clawed Cortosis Gauntlet
Anzati Assassin Adept CL 3 Anzati Assassins N/A
Anzati Assassin CL 6 Anzati Assassins N/A
Anzati Master Assassin CL 10 Anzati Assassins N/A
Harll CL 11 Crimson Nova Crimson Nova Bounty Hunters
Mika CL 12 Crimson Nova Farghul
Nazzer CL 8 Crimson Nova N/A
Stroth CL 14 Crimson Nova N/A
Sugi CL 10 Sugi's Crew
Embo CL 14 Sugi's Crew Aqualish Subspecies
Seripas CL 10 Sugi's Crew Kloodavian
Seripas' Prototype War Walker CL 10 Sugi's Crew
Rumi Paramita CL 10 Sugi's Crew Frenk, Bracers, Greaves

Other Prominent Bounty Hunters Edit

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