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Prestige Classes offer more options for heroes and GM characters than what would normally be available to them. They allow characters to specialize in particular areas, and they sometimes allow characters to be more powerful.

A character cannot start as a member of a Prestige Class. Abilities gained from Prestige Classes can be granted only by meeting the stated requirements, which usually require the character to be at least mid level. Additionally, the Prestige Class might also have requirements that are not related to the rules but must be met in game, such as having membership in a particular organization.

Prestige Classes are strictly optional, and their use is subject to the discretion of the GM. In some cases, the Prestige Classes presented might be more appropriate for GM characters and might be considered off-limits to heroic characters. You should consult your GM before steering your character toward a particular Prestige Class.

New Talents Edit

The following new Talents have proven useful to those characters in a Clone Wars campaign.

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New Prestige Classes Edit

The following Prestige Classes are available during The Rise of the Empire Era, particularly during the Clone Wars:

Droid Commander Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Knowledge (Tactics) and Use Computer

Talents: At least one Talent from the Leadership Talent Tree or the Commando Talent Tree

Special: Must be a Droid

Leader specializing in Droid troops.
Military Engineer Base Attack Bonus: +7

Trained Skills: Mechanics and Use Computer

Tech specialist focusing on military hardware.
Vanguard Minimum Level: 7th

Trained Skills: Perception and Stealth

Talents: Any two Talents from the Camouflage Talent Tree or the Commando Talent Tree

Advanced scout who pinpoints enemy forces.
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