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This chapter describes new allies, enemies, and technology belonging to factions other than The Republic and The Confederacy.

The allies and antagonists in this chapter are designed to give campaigns a distinctly Clone Wars feel. Gamemasters should feel free to include these characters in adventures, even if they only appear fleetingly in secondary roles. The appearance of such characters can give players a sense of truly making a difference in the larger conflict.

Some of the Vehicles and Starships presented here may be available on the open market, or the Gamemaster can make them available to heroes as part of an adventure.

Mercenary Factions Edit

Though much of the conflict of the Clone Wars takes place between the Separatists and the Republic, smaller mercenary factions and planetary forces play key roles in many battles. Though their efforts are usually localized and focused, some of the actions of these factions have repercussions on the war as a whole.

Throughout the Clone Wars, the Separatists use the large financial resources they possess to hire mercenary bands of all stripes from around the galaxy. Among these mercenary groups are organizations such as the mercenary Sabaoth Squadron, who act under the guidance of Separatist leaders to deploy dangerous chemical weapons such as Trihexalon. Sabaoth Squadron, and other blasters-for-hire from across the galaxy, find themselves in the Separatists' employ, performing tasks and clandestine operations that cannot be trusted to Droids. Moreover, in many parts of the galaxy, the Confederacy's war effort requires mercenaries simply to maintain the Separatists' military presence when Droid troops are destroyed faster than they can be replenished.

Not every independent force that fights in the Clone Wars is a purely mercenary band. Many planetary defense forces are technically not part of the Republic's Grand Army or the forces of the Confederacy, and as such have their own command structures and unique units. For example, The Kashyyyk Resistance work closely with both Jedi Master Yoda and the Republic military forces under the control of Commander Gree at the Battle of Kashyyyk, but they are not technically part of the Republic command hierarchy. These independent defense forces are a good option for heroes who wish to take part in the Clone Wars conflict but do not wish to directly involve themselves in the Republic or the Confederacy.

Influential Figures Edit

The following individuals figure prominently in a Clone Wars campaign, and their actions playa major role in shaping the history of this era.

Boba Fett, Avenger CL 7 The orphaned son of Jango Fett, now set on revenge against Mace Windu.
Cavik Toth CL 11 Captain of Sabaoth Squadron, allies himself and his mercenaries with Count Dooku.
Chewbacca, Claatuvac Scout CL 6 A part of the Wookiee High Command that coordinates the battle plan to resist Confederate invasion.
Merumeru CL 6 En elder Wookiee tactician that commands the beachfront defense.
Nym CL 11 An "Honorable" pirate that aids Naboo pilots against common Federation enemies.
Salporin CL 5 A member of The Kashyyyk Resistance, known for his mastery of Ryyk Blades.
Tarfful CL 12 The seasoned War Chief of The Kashyyyk Resistance.
Ziro the Hutt CL 9 A Coruscanti gangster with ties to corrupt politicians.

Vehicles and Starships Edit

During the Clone Wars, Vehicles of war roll off assembly lines on planets throughout the galaxy. The following section details several Vehicles that appear during the Clone Wars and are suitable for use by both allies and antagonists in a Clone Wars Campaign.

Airspeeders Edit

"Oevvaor" Jet Catamaran CL 3 Gargantuan
Oevvaor Jet Catamaran
Raddaugh "Gnasp" Fluttercraft CL 5 Huge
Gnasp Fluttercraft

Starfighters Edit

Sabaoth Starfighter CL 7 Huge
Sabaoth Starfighter

Capital Ships Edit

Sabaoth Destroyer CL 12 Colossal (Frigate)
Sabaoth Destroyer

Beasts Edit

All worlds have nonsentient life forms that occasionally present threats to civilization. Some of these Beasts can be domesticated and used as pets or mounts, while others are untamable. A couple Beasts of note are presented below.


Dactillion CL 2
Horax CL 7
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