Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Designed by Golan Arms under exclusive contract with the Galactic Republic, and then the Empire, the CR-1 Blast Cannon fires a burst of blaster bolts, each at reduced power, that spread out in an ever-expanding wave of energy. Often used to suppress riots or eliminate threats gathered in large crowds, the CR-1 Blast Cannon can be incredibly lethal at Short and Medium Range, but becomes ineffective at Long Range.

The CR-1 Blast Cannon is treated as a Pistol for the purposes of determining the weapon's Range. However, the CR-1 Blast Cannon does not take Range Penalties to attack rolls, instead applying any Range Penalties to damage rolls.

Against adjacent targets, the CR-1 Blast Cannon deals an additional 1d8 points of damage. Against nonadjacent targets, the CR-1 Blast Cannon acts as a Splash Weapon with a 1-square Splash radius.

A CR-1 Blast Cannon requires a Power Pack to operate. After 10 shots, the Power Pack must be replaced.

Weapon Type: Exotic Weapons (Ranged)

Size: Large

Cost: 2000

Damage: 3d8 (See above)

Stun Setting: NO

Rate of Fire: Single-Shot

Weight: 6 Kilograms

Type: Energy

Availability: Military

Inaccurate: This weapon cannot fire at targets at Long Range.

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