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The below Adventure Modules include all Adventure Modules possessing a Challenge Level (CL) of 4:

Scum and Villainy
The Fell Star The heroes, whether part of an established group of starstruck adventurers or individuals with no prior connections to one another, are contacted for potential employment by an Anjiliac Hutt named Prello. The action begins on the desert planet of Tatooine, in the seedy underbelly of Mos Eisley spaceport.
Smugglers' Rendezvous "Smugglers' Rendezvous" is a mini-adventure designed for 4th-level heroes. It gives smuggler heroes an opportunity to do what they do best: move illegal goods from one place to another without paying the usual trade tariff.
Galaxy at War
Fields of Fire "Fields of Fire" is a mini-adventure designed for 4th-level heroes. The clock is ticking as the heroes escort an arrogant doctor safely through a ravaged landscape seeded with Mines in time to save the lives of critically wounded officers at a military camp.
Operation: First Breach "Operation: First Breach" is a complete adventure heavily focusing on planetary warfare. This adventure is set during the Clone Wars, but with some slight adaptation it can be altered to fit almost any era that features two powerful military forces at war with one another. In this adventure, the heroes take on the role of a strike force sent to soften the defenses of a world controlled by their enemies, a theme that fits in with almost any era.

This adventure is designed to run with 3nd and 4th level characters. Although some of the challenges in this adventure may be a bit tougher than 3rd-level heroes normally have to face, resourceful characters should be able to handle themselves.

Unknown Regions
Guilty Until Proven Innocent A 4th-level adventure involving the planet Altiria/Anarris. In this adventure, an Anarrian child from the planet stows away on the heroes' ship, and the characters must decide what to do with the unexpected passenger before the Anarrians take action against them.
Homebrew Content
A Cularin Presence The Metatheran Cartel has maintained a presence in the Cularin System for years, but recently their presence has become much more... defined. Shipments have gone missing from several non-Cartel trading houses, and rumors point to some sort of conspiracy that threatens the well-being of the system and all her inhabitants. Are the citizens of Cularin ready to become the heroes they must be, to survive?
Starfall Captured by Imperials, a small group of Rebel heroes find themselves trapped within the detention block of a Victory I-Class Star Destroyer. Suddenly explosions rock the giant battleship as the Imperial vessel is attacked by an Alliance fleet. When the smoke clears, the Rebel objective is obvious- escape by any means possible!

But the attack has left the Star Destroyer a battered wreck, its crew scattered and its power fading. What dangers await the Rebels deep within the smouldering ruins of this once-great vessel? What Imperial devices remain to prevent their exit? Only those with courage and conviction will attempt to find out. Only those with strength and luck can hope to survive.

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