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This article is a collection of Vehicles produced for or widely used by The Confederacy of Independent Systems and their respective eras in which they are present.

The Rise of the Empire Era Edit

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook

AAT-1 Speeder CL 8 Main CIS battle tank developed by the Trade Federation.
"Vulture" Droid Starfighter Walker/Starfighter CL 7 Mainline starfighter of the Separatists. Able to be deployed as a walker as well.
Vulture Droid Starfighter
Droid Tri-Fighter Starfighter CL 9 Versatile addition to the Separatist fleet, with a more advanced droid brain than the "Vulture" Droid.
Droid Tri-Fighter

Starships of the Galaxy

Mankvim-814 Light Interceptor Starfighter CL 5 Hastily produced by the Techno Union as a cheap and expendable fighter.
Mankvim-814 Light Interceptor
Scarab-Class Droid Starfighter Starfighter CL 6 Predecessor to the "Vulture" Droid Starfighter.
Scarab-Class Starfighter
Nantex-Class Territorial Starfighter Starfighter CL 7 Geonosian Starfighter.
Nantex-Class Territorial Starfighter
Lucrehulk-Class Core Ship Capital Ship CL 17 Command centers, usually attached to Battleships or Droid Control Ships.
Lucrehulk-Class Core Ship
Lucrehulk-Class Battleship Capital Ship CL 18 Command ships used to coordinate Confederate forces.
Lucrehulk-Class Battleship
Lucrehulk-Class Droid Control Ship Capital Ship CL 18 Relay ship used to coordinate Droid forces.
Lucrehulk-Class Droid Control Ship
Munificent-Class Frigate Capital Ship CL 18 Frigate used by the CIS, produced by the InterGalactic Banking Clan.
Munificent-Class Frigate
Recusant-Class Light Destroyer Capital Ship CL 19 A common destroyer found in the CIS Navy.
Recusant-Class Light Destroyer
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Manta Droid Subfighter Speeder (Water Vehicle) CL 9 Amphibious Subfighters, deployed during the disastrous Battle of Mon Calamari.
Manta Droid Subfighter
PAC Speeder CL 4 Unarmed Troop Carrier, used to deploy compressed Battle Droids.
MTT Speeder CL 6 Multi-Troop Transport, used to ferry Battle Droids through combat zones.
GAT Speeder CL 10 Infantry support, used to counter Republic Saber-Class Tanks.
NR-N99 Persuader-Class Droid Enforcer Tracked Vehicle CL 14 Anti-personnel Droid Tank, a staple of CIS ground forces.
Persuader-Class Enforcer Tank
OG-9 Homing Spider Droid Walker CL 7 Mobile heavy weapons platforms, used for anti-infantry.
OG-9 Homing Spider Droid
Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid Walker CL 9 Mobile artillery Droids, most prominently used on Mygeeto.
Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid
Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike Wheeled Vehicle/Walker CL 3 Light patrol craft, notable for its high speeds.
Grievous' Personal Wheel Bike Wheeled Vehicle/Walker CL 5 The modified Wheel Bike of General Grievous, with mounted weaponry.
Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike
IG-227 Hailfire-Class Droid Tank Wheeled Vehicle CL 12 A highly maneuverable Droid tank, capable of quickly flanking and suppressing Republic forces.
Hailfire droid
STAP Airspeeder CL 2 A highly maneuverable aerial weapons platform, tailed for use by Battle Droids.
Droch-Class Boarding Ship Starfighter CL 7 Boarding craft used to infiltrate Republic Capital Ships.
Droch-Class Boarding Ship
Hyena-Class Bomber Walker/Starfighter CL 7 Dedicated Confederate bomber, designed from modified "Vulture" chassis.
Hyena-Class Bomber
CIS-Advanced Starfighter Starfighter CL 9 Experimental Starfighter that never actual sees live combat.
CIS-Advanced Starfighter
Belbullab Heavy Starfighter Starfighter CL 13 Heavy strike fighter, with multiple iterations.
Belbullab Heavy Starfighter
The Soulless One Starfighter CL 14 Grievous' personal transport while away from his forces.
The Soulless One
Sheathipede-Class Shuttle Space Transport CL 4 Transport shuttles, usually reserved for Confederate military personnel.
Sheathipede OS
C-9979 Landing Craft Space Transport CL 10 Enormous troop transports, capable of deploying small armies.
C-9979 Landing Craft
Hardcell-Class Transport Space Transport CL 10 Techno Union transports, deployed all throughout the Clone Wars.
Hardcell-transport negvv
Diamond-Class Cruiser Space Transport CL 13 Large carriers transporting hundreds of OG-9 Spider Droids and thousands of DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droids.
Diamond-Class Cruiser
Providence-Class Destroyer Capital Ship CL 18 One of The Confederacy's most powerful warships.
Providence-Class Destroyer
The Invisible Hand Capital Ship CL 20 Providence-Class Destroyer personalized for Grievous's personal needs.
The Invisible Hand
Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruiser Capital Ship CL 20 A Capital Ship designed around its massive Ion Pulse Cannons.
Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruiser
Homebrew Content - Clone Wars Saga Edition Fan Sourcebook
FlitKnot Swoop Speeder CL 1 Unarmed scout craft.
FlitKnot Swoop
FlitKnot Combat Swoop Speeder CL 2 Lightly armed scout craft, used by front-line officers.
Lucartipede-Class Cargo Speeder Speeder CL 1
Lucartipede-Class Cargo Speeder
MVR-3 Speeder Bike Speeder CL 1
MVR-3 Speeder Bike
MVR-3 Combat Speeder Bike Speeder CL 2
MVR-3 Mini-Sub Speeder CL 2 Aquatic craft used in the Battle of Mon Calamari.
Transpeeder Speeder CL 2
STAP-2 Speeder CL 6
AST Speeder CL 8 More methodical scout craft, used in groups of three.
AAT-2 Speeder CL 9
HAG Tank Speeder CL 9
HAG Tank
AML Platform Speeder CL 9 Anti-air artillery platform, with a minimal payload.
AML Plaform
HAG-M Tank Speeder CL 10
HAG-M Tank
HAML Platform Speeder CL 10 More heavily-armed artillery piece, with faster rates of fire.
HAML Platform
H-HAG-M Tank Speeder CL 11
H-HAG-M Tank
Sith Enforcer Tank Speeder CL 13
Sith Enforcer Tank
Protodeka Tank Droid Speeder CL 15
Protodeka Tank Droid
Seismic Mining Vehicle Speeder CL 15
Seismic Mining Vehicle
NR-N11 Energy Digger Tracked Vehicle CL 4
NR-N11 Energy Digger
NR-N38 Energy Pummel Tracked Vehicle CL 5
NR-N38 Energy Pummel
NR-N77 Dissuader-Class Artillery Platform Tracked Vehicle CL 8
Dissuader-Class Artillery Platform
NR-N79 Dissuader-Class Heavy Artillery Platform Tracked Vehicle CL 9
Dissuader-Class Heavy Artillery Platform
Decimator Tank Tracked Vehicle CL 12 A powerful Wookiee creation for the Republic, the designs were stolen by General Tann in the early months of the Clone Wars.
Decimator Tank
LM-432 "Sentry" Crab Droid Walker CL 5
Crab Droid Scout
LM-432 "Infantry Support" Crab Droid Walker CL 6
LM-432 "Light Assault" Crab Droid Walker CL 7
OG-10 Repeater Spider Droid Walker
OG-10 Repeater Spider Droid
LM-432 "Medium Assault" Crab Droid Walker CL 10
Crab Droid Scout
LM-432 "Trailblazer" Crab Droid Walker CL 11
IG-227 Hailfire-Class Anti-Air Droid Wheeled Vehicle CL 6 The IG-226 Anti-Air variant is the original Hailfire Droid design, built specifically as an anti-air platform.
IG-227 Hailfire-Class Anti-Air Droid
Air-Mobile Refresh Droid Airspeeder CL 2 Munitions craft, used to resupply combat Vehicles in the midst of battle. Image Unavailable
MAF Gunship Airspeeder CL 9 Widely-distributed gunships used in the first two years of the Clone Wars. Eventually supplanted by the more advanced HMP Droid Gunship in the final year of the conflict.
MAF Gunship
HMP Droid Gunship Airspeeder CL 10 Planetary craft use to counter the Republic's highly successful LAAT Gunships.
HMP Droid Gunship
Cormelish-Class Battle Mound Airspeeder CL 12 Massive defensive platforms used to repulse Starfighters and Airspeeders.
Conqueror-Class Battle Mound
Cormelish-Class Heavy Battle Mound Airspeeder CL 13
Kantrey-Class Amphibious Starfighter Starfighter CL 9
Kantrey-Class Amphibious Starfighter
Mk 2 Droid Bomber Starfighter CL 9
Mk2 Droid Bomber
The Shark Starfighter CL 14
The Shark
Formicidae-Class Space Tug Space Transport CL 2
Formicidae-Class Space Tug
Trade Federation Cargo Freighter Space Transport CL 4
Trade Federation Cargo Freighter
Baktoid Troop Transport Space Transport CL 8
Huppla Pasa Tisc Troop Transport Space Transport CL 8
Geonosian Troop Transport
Trade Federation Troop Transport Space Transport CL 9
Trade Federation Troop Transport
Trident-Class Assault Ship Space Transport CL 10
LAATAK Space Transport CL 12
Skirmisher Boarding Craft Space Transport CL 12 Image Unavailable
Tri-Wing Shuttle Space Transport CL 12
Tri-Wing Shuttle
Vehicle Armored Carrier Space Transport CL 12
Vehicle Armored Carrier.JPG

-Class Cargo Hauler

Capital Ship CL 10
Lucrehulk-Class Cargo Hauler
Commerce Guild Security Corvette Capital Ship CL 14 Image Unavailable
Lictor-Class Dungeon Ship Capital Ship CL 14
Lictor-Class Dungeon Ship
Harbinger Vehicle Carrier Capital Ship CL 15
Harbinger Vehicle Carrier

-Class Cruiser

Capital Ship CL 16
Fantil-Class Cruiser
Geonosian Corvette Capital Ship CL 16
Geonosian Corvette
HKD Missile Frigate Capital Ship CL 16
HKD Missile Frigate
Wavecrest-Class Frigate Capital Ship CL 16
Wavecrest-Class Frigate

-Class Destroyer

Capital Ship CL 18
Lucrehulk-Class Destroyer
Bulwark-Class Mk1 Battlecruiser Capital Ship CL 19
Bulwark-Class Mk1 Battlecruiser
Lucrehulk-Class Cruiser Capital Ship CL 30 Colossal anti-Capital Ship platforms, heading massive Confederate fleets.
Lucrehulk-Class Cruiser
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