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This article lists Nonheroic units of The Confederacy of Independent Systems and their relevant eras. If a unit is available in multiple eras, they will be shown in each era's section that they appear.

The Rise of the Empire Era Edit

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Saga Edition Core Rulebook

B1-Series Battle Droid CL 1 Main soldier unit of the Separatists.
B2-Series Super Battle Droid CL 2 Upgraded version of the B1 Battle Droid.
DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid CL 3 Mobile heavy weapons support.
Droideka-Series Destroyer Droid CL 4 Heavy combat droid with shield generator and a "wheel" mode.
LM-432 Crab Droid Scout CL 4 Used as scouts for environments with difficult terrain.
IG-100 MagnaGuard CL 6 Guard droids built to General Grievous' specifications.

Threats of the Galaxy

IG-Series Lancer Droid CL 2 More mobile ground unit, utilizing Energy Lances that increase the Droid's Reach.
B3-Series Ultra Battle Droid CL 3 Heavy Droid shocktrooper, used primarily in medium-security installations.
Buzz Droid CL 3 Sabotage Droid usually deployed by missiles during space battles.
B3-A-Series Ultra Battle Droid CL 5 Highly intelligence commando Droids for search-and-destroy missions.

Clone Wars Campaign Guide

Geonosian Warrior CL 1 Basic soldier of Geonosian society.
CA-B2 Cold Assault Battle Droid CL 2 "Snow Droids" used in arctic climates.
OOM-Series Battle Droids CL 2 Inexpensive and effective security, commander, and pilot Droid model, later replaced with the less effective B1-Series Battle Droid.
B1-Series Battle Droid Squad CL 3 Squad of B1-Series Battle Droids
Geonosian Elite Warrior CL 3 Elite Warriors are assigned to guard sensitive areas of the Geonosian hives.
LR-57 Combat Droid CL 3 Massive Combat Droids used to guard perimeters and launch surprise attacks.
Octuptarra Combat Tri-Droid CL 3 Capable of laying down withering fields of fire in all directions, but is vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat due to its weak legs.
B1-A Air Battle Droid CL 4 Standard Battle Droids equipped with Jet Packs for additional maneuverability.
Battle Droid Assassin CL 4 Modified B1-Series Droids made to operate with greater precision.
C-B3 Cortosis Battle Droid CL 5 Constructed specifically to counteract Jedi Knights.
Droideka-Series Ultra Destroyer Droid CL 5 Droideka-Series Destroyer Droid, just bigger and with more firepower.
A-DSD Advanced Dwarf Spider Droid CL 6 More heavily armed and armored Spider Droid, used as forward juggernauts.
BX-Series Droid Commando CL 6 Elite Droid units deployed where brute force would be ineffective.
IG-110 Lightsaber Droid CL 6 Specialized Combat Droids used to counter The Jedi.
LM-432 "Muckraker" Crab Droid CL 6 Massive Assault Crab Droids, with specialized Jet Sprayers to allow for crowd-controlling tactics.
Spelunker Probe Droid CL 6 Mining and survey Droids, repurposed as ambush Droids.
Trandoshan Bounty Hunter CL 6 Scaly predators, bitterly hunting their hated Wookiee neighbors.
A-Series Assassin Droid CL 11 Versatile Battle Droids capable of wielding any weapon on the battlefield.
JK-13 Security Droid CL 12 Infamous "Jedi Killer" Droids, using organic processors to forcibly wield The Force.
Trandoshan Mercenary CL 13 Unstoppable warriors, often some of the most feared in the galaxy.
Galaxy at War
MR-200-Series Minesweeper Droid CL 1 Repulsorlift Droid used to detect Mines in trench warfare.
T-Series Tactical Droid CL 1 Tactical leadership Droids used to command squads of Battle Droid.
Geonosian Bodyguard CL 3 Personal guards to important Confederate personnel. Often work in pairs to Flank opponents.
B2-AA Air Assault Super Battle Droid CL 4 B2-Series Super Battle Droids equipped with Jet Packs for long-distance travel.
Sniper Droideka CL 7 A variant Droideka-Series Destroyer Droid commissioned for urban warfare.
Scavenger's Guide to Droids
V2-Series Commando Droid CL 1 Some of the most effective strike forces available to the Confederacy, but only produced in limited numbers.
T4 Turret Droid CL 3 Effective Guard Droids, with reliable programming and performance.
HK-77 Assassin Droid CL 4 The pinnacle of the ancient HK line, developed by Confederate engineers to bolster their forces.
Infiltrator-Series Droid CL 4 Specialized saboteurs, used to infiltrate Republic vessels and slowly eliminate the crew aboard.
HKB-3 Hunter-Killer Droid CL 6 An effective model from the years prior to the Clone Wars, but now serve a more auxiliary role to the newer, more advanced Droids.
Web Enhancements
Quarren Isolationist CL 1 A member of the Quarren Isolationist League, who has allied themselves with the Confederacy.
B1-Series Battle Droid Sergeant CL 3 An upgraded model to coordinate Droid units.
B2-HA-Series Super Battle Droid CL 3 Upgraded Super Battle Droids with heavier armor and missiles.
B2-Series Super Battle Droid Commander CL 4 Field Droid commanders, often on the front lines coordinating individual troops.
B2-HA-Series Super Battle Droid Squad CL 5 A Squad of intimidating Heavy Super Battle Droids, armed with heavy blasters and missiles.
BX-Series Droid Commando Captain CL 7 Leaders of BX-Series Commando teams, some of the most effective Droids in the Confederacy.
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