Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Template Type: Armor Templates

Manufactured By: N/A

Cost: 10% or 1,000 credits more (Whichever is higher) than base item

Applicable To: Any Armor

An extremely solid and durable metal, Bronzium can be used in the production of Armor that can protect the wearer from suffering great harm.

Armor: Once per encounter, the wearer of a suit of Bronzium Cast Armor can redirect the damage from a successful incoming attack to the Armor; the Bronzium Cast Armor takes the damage from the attack (Armor has the same DR, Hit Points, Damage Threshold, and break DC as a Weapon of the same size category as the wearer (See Attack an Object)). If the Bronzium Cast Armor is disabled or destroyed, it no longer provides any bonuses to the wearer. A suit of Armor pushed down the Condition Track imposes it's condition penalties to the wearer's Reflex Defense only.

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