Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

You use your experience operating on the wrong side of the law to give you an advantage in a fight, fair or otherwise.

Cheap Trick Edit

Prerequisite: Trained in Deception

When you make a Deception check to Feint against an enemy within 6 squares of you, you can roll twice, keeping the better of the two results.

Easy Prey Edit

Prerequisite: Cheap Trick

When you make an attack as a Standard Action and successfully hit an enemy, you can choose to reduce the damage you deal by half. That target is then denied its Dexterity bonus to its Reflex Defense against your attacks until the end of your next turn.

Quick Strike Edit

Prerequisite: Cheap Trick

During the initial round of combat, if you successfully damage an enemy who has not yet acted in the combat, you can make an immediate attack as a Free Action against a different target within 6 squares of the first target.

Sly Combatant Edit

Prerequisites: Cheap Trick, Easy Prey

You quickly move about the battlefield, taking advantage of the chaos of battle. You can use each of the following Actions once per encounter as a Standard Action:

  • Distracting Injury: Make a single melee or ranged attack against any enemy within your range. If the attack successfully hits, that enemy takes a -2 penalty to his or her attack rolls and damage rolls until the end of the encounter.
  • Make Them Bleed: Make a single melee or ranged attack against any living creature within your range. If you successfully deal damage as a result of the attack, that enemy gains a Persistent Condition that can be removed only with a successful DC 25 Treat Injury check to perform Surgery.
  • Strength in Numbers: Make a single melee or ranged attack against an enemy who is adjacent to one or more of your allies. If you successfully hit that enemy, you gain a +2 bonus for each ally that is adjacent to the target.
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