Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

See also: Bounty Hunting

To generate a random list of open Bounties (Useful when players want to check the Bounty Postings in the hopes of earning a few credits), roll 2d20 and compare the results to the Bounties table, below, using the first roll to determine what the target is wanted for, and the second to determine the description of the target and the reward value for that target. You can roll multiple times to simulate multiple available Bounties, or just roll once to generate the nearest Bounty.

1-2 Assault and Battery Brawler 5,000
3-5 Assault, Larceny Thug 1,000
6 Corruption Security Specialist 5,000
7-8 Espionage Data Slicer 7,000
9-10 Grand Larceny Charlatan 8,000
11 Kidnapping Bounty Hunter 7,000
12-13 Murder Assassin 5,000
14 Piracy Blockade Runner 8,000
15 Racketeering Crime Lord 8,000
16 Smuggling Space Transport Pilot 7,000
17 Terrorism Notorious Outlaw 8,000
18-19 Trafficking Fixer 7,000
20 Treason, Sedition Heroic Character (Han Solo, Talon Karrde, Corran Horn, etc.) Special

The description is provided as a model for NPC statistics to represent the target (It does not mean that all Thugs are necessarily worth a 1,000 credit Bounty, for example.) The Gamemaster is also free to choose any sort of character to be the target of a Bounty. A simple Bounty where you have to face the target by itself, with no substantial assistance or resources, should be worth the CL of the Bounty x 1,000 credits.

The Bounty Hunter is entitled to a secondary Bounty of one-half the value of any captured equipment. (Bounty Hunters commonly "Lose" particularly valuable items before reporting the captured inventory; if noticed, however, the Bounty Hunter might become the target of a new Bounty!)

Bounties posted on famous or notorious individuals from the Star Wars universe (Such as Han Solo or Talon Karrde) rarely conform to the standard random Bounty model. When developing a Bounty on a famous character, the Gamemaster should make capturing that target part of a larger adventure or an adventure all it's own. The credit reward for the Bounty should be of an appropriate amount to provide a suitable reward for the entire adventure. If the Bounty is the entire focus of the adventure, a standard credit reward of 2,000 credits x the average level of the heroes is appropriate (See Other Rewards). If the Bounty is merely part of the adventure, a reward of 1,000 credits x the CL of the target is appropriate.

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