At each even-numbered level (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.), a Scoundrel gains a Bonus Feat. This Feat must be selected from the following list, and a Scoundrel must meet any prerequisites for that Feat.

Feats List Edit

Below include all Feats found in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook.

Deadeye Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Base Attack Bonus +4 If you Aim, deal extra damage.
Dodge Dexterity 13 Gain a +1 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense against a selected target.
Melee Defense Intelligence 13 Trade attack bonus on melee attacks for a dodge bonus to Reflex Defense.
Mobility Dexterity 13, Dodge Gain +5 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense against some Attacks of Opportunity.
Precise Shot Point-Blank Shot No -5 penalty for shooting into melee.
Quick Draw Base Attack Bonus +1 Draw weapon as a Swift Action.
Rapid Shot Base Attack Bonus +1 Take a -2 penalty on a ranged attack roll to deal +1 die of damage.
Running Attack Dexterity 13 Move before and after making an attack.
Skill Focus None Gain +5 competence bonus on Skill Checks with one Trained Skill.
Skill Training None You become Trained in one Class Skill.
Vehicular Combat Trained in Pilot Negate one attack per round against the Vehicle you're piloting.
Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons) None Ignore -5 penalty on attack rolls with Advanced Melee Weapons.

Additional Feats Lists Edit

Below include all Feats found in all Saga Edition add-ons, organized first by reference book release date, and secondly by alphabetical order.

Starships of the Galaxy Edit

Tech Specialist Trained in Mechanics You can make custom modifications to Armor, Weapons, Vehicles, Droids, and Devices.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide Edit

Gearhead None Make Mechanics and Use Computer checks quickly.
Implant Training Possess an Implant You don't move additional steps down the Condition Track due to your Implants.
Poison Resistance Constitution 13 You are inherently more resistant to Poison.
Quick Skill None Take 10 on Skill Checks when rushed, Take 20 in half of the normal time.
Sniper Shot None Increase accuracy at a -5 Reflex Defense penalty.

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide Edit

Advantageous Attack Base Attack Bonus +1 Add full Heroic Level to attacks against slower enemies.
Advantageous Cover Trained in Stealth Gain additional benefits from Cover.
Bad Feeling None Always have a Move Action during the Surprise Round.
Crossfire Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6 Redirect missed attacks against Soft Cover.
Cunning Attack None Gain +2 bonus on attack rolls against Flat-Footed enemies.
Scavenger None Gather materials for building objects

Scum and Villainy Edit

Burst of Speed Trained in Endurance Move speed twice as Move Action.
Close Combat Escape Trained in Acrobatics Escape Grapple and attack.
Collateral Damage Rapid Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6 Gain extra attack upon hitting the first target.
Cornered None When unable to Withdraw, +2 on attacks.
Deceptive Drop Trained in Initiative Flat-Footed targets knocked Prone on Surprise Round.
Desperate Gambit None Reroll missed attack by taking a penalty to Reflex Defense.
Duck and Cover Trained in Stealth You dive for Cover when you avoid Area Attacks.
Fleet-Footed Running Attack +2 speed when making a Running Attack.
Friends in Low Places Trained in Gather Information Reduce Black Market cost multiplier for Restricted Items by 1.
Hasty Modification Tech Specialist Swap one Trait for another Trait.
Impulsive Flight None Withdraw faster.
Knife Trick Lightning Draw, Quick Draw, Trained in Stealth Attack of Opportunity with concealed weapon to greater effect.
Lightning Draw Quick Draw Draw and fire as a Standard Action.
Signature Device Tech Specialist Install two Traits.
Superior Tech Intelligence 17, Tech Specialist, 9th level Install superior equipment upgrades.

Clone Wars Campaign Guide Edit

Droidcraft Trained in Mechanics Repair a Droid in 10 minutes instead of 1 hour.
Droid Hunter None Deal +2 damage to Droid enemies, or +4 when using an Ion Weapon.
Expert Droid Repair Trained in Mechanics Repair multiple Droids simultaneously.
Overwhelming Attack None Any attempt to negate your attack takes a -5 penalty on the attack roll or Skill Check.

Legacy Era Campaign Guide Edit

Attack Combo (Ranged) Base Attack Bonus +3 Deal +1 die of damage on ranged attacks until the end of your next turn after hitting an enemy with two ranged attacks.
Biotech Specialist Trained in Mechanics Make custom modifications to Yuuzhan Vong Biotech.
Fatal Hit Strength 13, Dexterity 13 You automatically kill an enemy that you reduce to 0 Hit Points, and you can perform a Coup de Grace as a Standard Action.
Return Fire Dexterity 15, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus (Chosen Weapon) You may make a single ranged attack as a Reaction to a ranged attack against you that misses.
Vehicle Systems Expertise Tech Specialist, Trained in Mechanics Recharge Shields or Reroute Power on a Vehicle faster than normal.
Zero Range Point-Blank Shot Gain a +1 bonus on your attack roll and deal +1 die of damage when making a ranged attack against an adjacent target or a target in your Fighting Space.

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide Edit

Fast Surge None Catch a Second Wind as a Free Action on your turn.
Moving Target Dodge Gain a bonus to Reflex Defense when you remain mobile.
Prime Shot Point-Blank Shot Gain a bonus to attack rolls when none of your allies are near the target.
Rapid Reaction None React twice to the same trigger once per encounter.
Recovering Surge None Move up the Condition Track when you catch a Second Wind.
Vehicular Surge Trained in Pilot Once per day, gain bonus Hit Points for a Vehicle you Pilot.

Galaxy at War Edit

Bantha Herder Base Attack Bonus +1 Move a target damaged by your attack.
Disabler None Gain benefits when using certain Ion Weapons.
Fight Through Pain None Use your Will Defense to determine your Damage Threshold.
Force of Personality Charisma 13 Use Wisdom or Charisma to determine Will Defense.
Mission Specialist None Grant bonus to allies' untrained Skill Checks with a particular Skill.
Opportunistic Shooter None Gain a bonus to Attacks of Opportunity with ranged weapons.
Pistoleer Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) Gain benefits when using certain Pistols.
Predictive Defense Intelligence 13 Use Dexterity or Intelligence to determine Reflex Defense.
Steadying Position Careful Shot Deny target's Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense when you are Prone and Aiming.

Galaxy of Intrigue Edit

Disturbing Presence Trained in Deception Make a Deception check to Tumble through Threatened Area without provoking Attacks of Opportunity.
Expert Briber Charisma 13 Reduce the time and cost of Bribery attempts.
Hobbling Strike Sneak Attack or Rapid Shot or Rapid Strike Reduce the target's Speed instead of dealing damage.
Improved Opportunistic Trickery Combat ReflexesOpportunistic Trickery Sacrifice Attack of Opportunity to reduce target's Reflex Defense by 5.
Indomitable Personality Charisma 13 Add your Charisma bonus to your Will Defense as a Reaction.
Master of Disguise Trained in Deception, Charisma 13 Gain +5 to creating a Deceptive Appearance or a Forged Document, and reduce the penalty for rushing.
Opportunistic Trickery Combat ReflexesSneak Attack Sacrifice Attack of Opportunity to reduce target's Reflex Defense by 2.
Sadistic Strike None Move opponents -1 step on the Condition Track when you deliver a Coup de Grace.
Silver Tongue Trained in Persuasion Intimidate a creature or change it's Attitude as a Standard Action.
Stand Tall None When you take damage, nearby allies attack your attacker.

Unknown Regions Edit

Acrobatic Ally Dexterity 13, Strength 13, Trained in Acrobatics Hoist or toss an ally of your size or smaller up to 2 squares.
Acrobatic Dodge Dexterity 13, Mobility, Skill Focus (Acrobatics) When a melee attack misses you, move into an adjacent square without provoking an Attack of Opportunity.
Combat Trickery Trained in Deception Spend two Swift Actions to make Deception check to make enemy Flat-Footed.
Hold Together Trained in Mechanics Delay the damage caused to a Vehicle until the end of the round.
Improved Sleight of Hand Dexterity 15, Skill Focus (Deception), Trained in Stealth Use Deception to aid your Stealth check to use Sleight of Hand; use Stealth to draw and palm a weapon simultaneously.

 Homebrew Feats Lists Edit

The following Homebrew Feats includes all Homebrew Feats relevant towards the Scoundrel Heroic Class.

New Jedi Order Campaign Guide
Peace Brigade Commander Coordinated Attack, Trained in Persuasion, Base Attack Bonus +5 You can make a Persuasion check to gain certain benefits in the form of allies or information.
Rapid Takedown Pin, Trip, Base Attack Bonus +4 You may immediately Pin an opponent after you Trip them.
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