At each even-numbered level (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.), a Force Prodigy gains a Bonus Feat. This Feat must be selected from the following list, and a Force Prodigy must meet any prerequisites for that Feat.

Feats List[edit | edit source]

Below include all Feats found in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook.

Acrobatic Strike Trained in Acrobatics Gain +2 competence bonus on next attack against opponent you Tumble past.
Combat Reflexes None Gain additional Attacks of Opportunity.
Crush Pin, Base Attack Bonus +1 Deal Unarmed or Claw damage to a Pinned opponent.
Dodge Dexterity 13 Gain a +1 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense against a selected target.
Extra Second Wind Trained in Endurance Gain an additional Second Wind per day.
Exotic Weapon Proficiency Base Attack Bonus +1 Wield an Exotic Weapon without penalty.
Force Boon Force Sensitivity Gain three additional Force Points at each level.
Improved Disarm Intelligence 13, Melee Defense Gain +5 bonus on melee attacks to Disarm an opponent.
Improved Damage Threshold None Damage Threshold increases by 5 points.
Martial Arts I None Increases damage from Unarmed attacks by one die step; gain +1 bonus to Reflex Defense.
Martial Arts II Martial Arts I, Base Attack Bonus +3 Increases damage from Unarmed attacks by one die step; gain +1 bonus to Reflex Defense.
Martial Arts III Martial Arts I, Martial Arts II, Base Attack Bonus +6 Increases damage from Unarmed attacks by one die step; gain +1 bonus to Reflex Defense.
Melee Defense Intelligence 13 Trade attack bonus on melee attacks for a dodge bonus to Reflex Defense.
Mobility Dexterity 13, Dodge Gain +5 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense against some Attacks of Opportunity.
Pin Base Attack Bonus +1 Grappled opponent is Pinned for one round, can't move, and and loses it's Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense.
Point-Blank Shot None +1 bonus on ranged attacks and damage against foes within Point-Blank Range.
Precise Shot Point-Blank Shot No -5 penalty for shooting into melee.
Quick Draw Base Attack Bonus +1 Draw weapon as a Swift Action.
Running Attack Dexterity 13 Move before and after making an attack.
Shake It Off Constitution 13, Trained in Endurance Spend two Swift Actions to move +1 step along the Condition Track.
Skill Focus None Gain +5 competence bonus on skill checks with one Trained Skill.
Skill Training None You become Trained in one class skill.
Strong in the Force None Roll d8s instead of d6s when you spend a Force Point.
Throw Trip, Base Attack Bonus +1 Throw a Grappled opponent up to 1 square beyond your reach and deal damage.
Toughness None Gain +1 Hit Point per Character Level.
Trip Base Attack Bonus +1 Trip an opponent that you've Grappled, knocking it Prone.
Weapon Finesse Base Attack Bonus +1 Use Dexterity modifier instead of Strength modifier on attack rolls with Light Melee Weapons and Lightsabers.
Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons) None Ignore -5 penalty on attack rolls with Advanced Melee Weapons.
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) None Ignore -5 penalty on attack rolls with Pistols.

Additional Feats Lists[edit | edit source]

Below include all Feats found in all Saga Edition add-ons, organized first by reference book release date, and secondly by alphabetical order.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Conditioning Strength 13, Constitution 13 Reroll Strength and Constitution based Skill Checks.
Critical Strike Base Attack Bonus +9, Weapon Focus (Chosen Weapon) Increase critical threat range of an attack.
Force Readiness None Spend Force Points, even if not your turn.
Increased Agility Conditioning Increase Climb speed, Swim speed, and Jump distance by 2 squares.
Poison Resistance Constitution 13 You are inherently more resistant to Poison.
Quick Skill None Take 10 on Skill Checks when rushed, Take 20 in half of the normal time.
Tumble Defense None Your martial ability makes it harder for opponents to Tumble past.

Force Unleashed Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Advantageous Attack Base Attack Bonus +1 Add full Heroic Level to attacks against slower enemies.
Advantageous Cover Trained in Stealth Gain additional benefits from Cover.
Angled Throw Dexterity 13 Ignore Cover with Grenades and grenadelike weapons.
Bad Feeling None Always have a Move Action during the Surprise Round.
Crossfire Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6 Redirect missed attacks against Soft Cover.
Strafe Base Attack Bonus +1 Attack multiple targets as you move past them.

Scum and Villainy[edit | edit source]

Burst of Speed Trained in Endurance Move speed twice as Move Action.
Close Combat Escape Trained in Acrobatics Escape Grapple and attack.
Duck and Cover Trained in Stealth You dive for Cover when you avoid Area Attacks.
Fleet-Footed Running Attack +2 speed when making a Running Attack.
Lightning Draw Quick Draw Draw and fire as a Standard Action.
Resurgence Trained in Endurance Gain bonus Move Action when you catch your Second Wind.
Slippery Maneuver Dodge Dodge two targets, Withdraw at full speed.

Clone Wars Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Overwhelming Attack None Any attempt to negate your attack takes a -5 penalty on the attack roll or Skill Check.
Pall of the Dark Side Dark Side Score 1+ Add half your Dark Side Score to Use the Force checks to resist detection.
Unstoppable Force None Gain a +5 bonus to Fortitude Defense and Will Defense against any effect requiring a Use the Force check.
Unwavering Resolve Trained in Perception Gain a +5 bonus to Will Defense against Deception and Persuasion checks.
Wary Defender None Gain a +2 bonus to Fortitude Defense and Will Defense while Fighting Defensively.

Legacy Era Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Attack Combo (Melee) Base Attack Bonus +3 Deal +1 die of damage on melee, or Unarmed attacks until the end of your next turn after hitting an enemy with two melee, or Unarmed attacks.
Grapple Resistance None Gain a +5 bonus to resist Grab and Grapple attacks.
Knock Heads Dexterity 13, Strength 13, Multi-Grab You may knock two opponents' heads together after a successful Multi-Grab.
Multi-Grab Dexterity 13 You may Grab two opponents as a Standard Action.

Jedi Academy Training Manual[edit | edit source]

Force Regimen Mastery Force Sensitivity, Trained in Use the Force Gain access to a number of Force Regimens.
Unswerving Resolve Base Attack Bonus +2 Whenever you resist a Fear or Mind-Affecting effect, you gain a temporary Force Point.

Rebellion Era Campaign Guide[edit | edit source]

Assured Attack None Reroll the lowest damage die when making a successful attack.
Deft Charge None Take Swift Actions, Reactions, and Free Actions after you Charge before your turn ends.
Moving Target Dodge Gain a bonus to Reflex Defense when you remain mobile.
Rapid Reaction None React twice to the same trigger once per encounter.

Galaxy at War[edit | edit source]

Dive for Cover Trained in Jump Jump for Cover as a Reaction.
Fight Through Pain None Use your Will Defense to determine your Damage Threshold.
Mission Specialist None Grant bonus to allies' untrained Skill Checks with a particular Skill.
Never Surrender Trained in Endurance Make an Endurance check to prevent falling to 0 Hit Points.
Rapport Wisdom 13 Grant an additional +2 bonus when using the Aid Another action.
Risk Taker Trained in Climb or Jump Improve your chances of success with Climb or Jump checks.

Galaxy of Intrigue[edit | edit source]

Bone Crusher Crush, Pin Move damaged Grappled opponent -1 step on the Condition Track.
Flèche Base Attack Bonus +1 When Charging, turn any natural attack roll of 17+ into a Critical Hit.
Forceful Recovery Force Sensitivity, Force Training Regain one Force Power when you catch a Second Wind.
Hobbling Strike Sneak Attack or Rapid Shot or Rapid Strike Reduce the target's Speed instead of dealing damage.
Recurring Success None Gain extra use of a 1/encounter Talent or Feat.
Resolute Stance Base Attack Bonus +1 Gain +2 or +5 to Will Defense when you Fight Defensively.
Wookiee Grip Strength 13 Wield two-handed weapons in a single hand.

Unknown Regions[edit | edit source]

Acrobatic Ally Dexterity 13, Strength 13, Trained in Acrobatics Hoist or toss an ally of your size or smaller up to 2 squares.
Acrobatic Dodge Dexterity 13, Mobility, Skill Focus (Acrobatics) When a melee attack misses you, move into an adjacent square without provoking an Attack of Opportunity.
Elder's Knowledge Skill Focus (Knowledge (Social Sciences)) or Skill Focus (Knowledge (Galactic Lore)) Substitute a Knowledge (Social Sciences) or Knowledge (Galactic Lore) skill check for a Wisdom-related Skill Check.
Grab Back Dexterity 13 As a Reaction, make a Grab or Grapple attack following a failed Grab or Grapple attack made against you.
Halt Trip, Weapon Focus (Chosen Weapon), Base Attack Bonus +8 Knock an enemy Prone after a successful Attack of Opportunity, immediately end the target's remaining Actions when also exceeding it's Damage Threshold.
Improved Sleight of Hand Dexterity 15, Skill Focus (Deception), Trained in Stealth Use Deception to aid your Stealth check to use Sleight of Hand; use Stealth to draw and palm a weapon simultaneously.
Improvised Weapon Mastery Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons) Treat Improvised Weapons as Simple Weapons, deal +1d6 points of damage.
Instinctive Attack Non-Droid Spend a Force Point to reroll an attack and take the better result.
Instinctive Defense Non-Droid Spend a Force Point to increase all Defenses by +2 for 1 round.
Wilderness First Aid Trained in Survival Use basic Survival skills as if you have a Medpac for Treat Injury checks.

 Homebrew Feats Lists[edit | edit source]

The following Homebrew Feats includes all Homebrew Feats relevant towards the Force Prodigy Heroic Class.

Legacy of the Force Sourcebook
Alertness DodgeTrained in Perception You are always on the lookout for trouble.
Carouser Constitution 13, Trained in Endurance You can drink others under the table and never suffer the aftereffects.
Sabacc Face Wisdom 13 You are adept at hiding your feelings and emotions from others.
Talented None You are more adept at using certain skills than others.
New Jedi Order Campaign Guide
Rapid Takedown Pin, Trip, Base Attack Bonus +4 You may immediately Pin an opponent after you Trip them.
Reading the Swarm Yuuzhan Vong, It's a Trap!, Intelligence 15 You may use the It's a Trap! Talent a number of additional times per encounter equal to your Intelligence modifier.
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