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Preceded by Locating The Azure Queen

After The Cutting Strike is destroyed, disabled, or jumps into Hyperspace, the heroes can attempt to board The Azure Queen. However, as they approach the transport, Captain Greeku opens a channel to discuss terms. Read the following text aloud:

As The Azure Queen grows larger in the viewport, you Comlink crackles to life. The face of a scarred Rodian fills the screen. "Attention, Republic vessel," he says. "I am Malva Greeku, commander of the privateer Cutting Strike. You are outside your area of jurisdiction. However, it seems that you've bested my ship, and I commend your abilities. Their failure will not go unpunished. But I warn you that we have a large boarding party, and the crew of this vessel is in our control. Leave us alone, and we will release the crew unharmed on a civilized planet. If you insist on making things difficult, we will begin executing the crew." The Transmission cuts off.

Allow the heroes to make a DC 15 Use Computer check; with a success, they determine that the transport's Hyperdrive is offline. A subsequent DC 25 Mechanics check reveals that, based on the visible damage, it will probably take the pirates 1 hour to complete repairs.

If the heroes do nothing, after about an hour, The Azure Queen jumps into Hyperspace and is gone. If the characters decide to take the ship, they find boarding a dicey proposition. The transport is spinning laterally and spewing dangerous chemicals and other debris. Lining up the ships at the proper angle requires a DC 25 Pilot check, in addition to the Pilot check needed to avoid the asteroids (Which could be sparse or heavy, depending on where the ships link up; see Locating The Azure Queen). If the heroes successfully grab The Azure Queen with their Tractor Beam, they can stabilize the transport enough to gain a +5 bonus to Pilot checks for the purposes of docking.

If the heroes line up the ships and get within range, they manage to dock with The Azure Queen, connecting at one of the transport's cargo bays. Upon boarding the vessel, they find the cargo bay illuminated with eerie red emergency lighting and full of crates and gear- but devoid of pirates.

Continued in Retaking The Azure Queen

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