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Bo'tous are tiny mite-like creatures that infest the lungs of living organisms, laying billions of eggs in the lung tissue of their host. The eggs hatch rapidly, destroying the lungs and generally killing their host. When used under proper conditions, Bo'tous Toxin is a subtle and effective weapon by a carefully conditioned assassin.

A single Bo'tous in the lungs will not kill the victim, but it will lay millions of eggs that remain dormant until freed from the host- usually by a forceful and deliberate exhalation (A Standard Action). Once in the atmosphere, the eggs hatch and the tiny creatures looking for new hosts. The host must consciously release the Bo'tous, though in some cases, unwitting victims are brainwashed into releasing it after receiving a particular visual or verbal cue.

Skilled (Willing) hosts are capable of producing three successful exhalations (Or charges) of toxin, whereas unskilled (Unwilling/Brainwashed) hosts can only produce one successful exhalation.

Bo'tous Toxin Statistics (CL 12)[edit | edit source]

Keywords: Inhaled, Poison

Trigger: A creature is within 2 squares of a Bo'tous Host who releases their Toxin.

Attack: +15 vs Fortitude Defense

Damage: 3d6 (-1 step on the Condition Track; Half Damage on Miss)

Recurrence: Each round at the start of the target's turn, until the Bo'tous Toxin is treated.

Suggested Skills: The following are suggested Skills for this Hazard:

  • Endurance (DC 10): The character holds his or her breath for 1 round, reducing the Bo'tous Toxin's attack roll by 10. Each round the character holds his or her breath in this manner, the check DC increases by 2.
  • Treat Injury (DC 35; Requires Medical Kit): The character treats the Bo'tous Toxin.
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