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Originally a waterborne viral strain that had been long-since destroyed, the Blue Shadow Virus was a powerful contagion that affected an overwhelming number of Species throughout the galaxy. A Confederate scientist named Nuvo Vindi reconstituted the virus, however, manufacturing it into an airborne, weaponized form.

Blue Shadow Virus Statistics (CL 10)[edit | edit source]

Keywords: Atmosphere, Contact, Disease, Inhaled

Trigger: A creature is exposed to the Blue Shadow Virus.

Attack: +20 vs Fortitude Defense

Damage: 1d6 (-1 Persistent step on the Condition Track)

Recurrence: Hourly, until the Blue Shadow Virus is treated.

Suggested Skills: The following are suggested Skills for this Hazard:

  • Treat Injury (DC 25; Requires Reeksa Toot): The character treats the Blue Shadow Virus using a vaccine created from Reeksa Extract.

Special: If the character moves all the way down the Condition Track from the Blue Shadow Virus, they are too weak to move and collapse, but continue to take damage.

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