• Vitkyng

    System: Star Wars Saga Edition Player Count: 2 (seeking 1-4 more players) Style of Play: PbP

    Campaign Backstory:  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    The Empire rules with a black metallic fist, non-humans are oppressed, freedom is oppressed, the Empire's bleak grey Star Destroyers fill the cold depths of space.  Chance has stranded you in a little known part of space known as "The Minefield," an asteroid field that looks to be a short-cut for spacers but often proves to be a deathtrap.  "The Rock" is the only spaceport that exists within the asteroid field and it is here you find yourself looking for a means to escape.

    Fortune seems to be on you're side when an old and beat up piece of junk, a Corellian XS-800, comes crashing onto the …

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