Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Galaxy at War

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Blast Doors are made of incredibly dense metals that diffuse energy that might penetrate a Standard Door. Blast Doors protect Command Bridges and other sensitive areas that might be exposed to powerful bursts of energy. For instance, Blast Doors sometimes seal Corridors leading to Hangar Bays to prevent weapons fire from ships in the hangar from damaging sections deeper in the station. Most Blast Doors consist of two or more sections that converge toward the center of the frame and connect to form a single shield.

Thinner, single-paned Blast Doors (350 Hit Points; DR 10; Damage Threshold 35; Strength DC 70/Break DC 45) close relatively quickly, in the span of only 1 round. Thicker, double-paned Blast Doors (750 Hit Points; DR 10; Damage Threshold 40; Strength DC 70/Break DC 45), which usually consist of converging parts, close in 2 rounds. Opening a Blast Door by force requires a DC 45 Strength check, reduced to DC 25 if the door is not powered. Like Standard Doors, a Blast Door can be opened, closed, jammed, and locked from Control Panels built into nearby walls or the door frame.

 Doors and the Condition Track Edit

When a door moves a negative number of steps on the Condition Track, its Damage Threshold is reduced as normal, and the door also becomes easier to open. Apply Condition Track penalties to a door's DR, Strength, and Break DC as well. A door that is pushed to the bottom of the Condition Track is disabled- in other words, opened.

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