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The Black Sun crime syndicate is one of the foremost criminal organizations in the galaxy. Black Sun has its hands in nearly every possible criminal venture, from petty theft to assassination, all arranged to bring more power and wealth to the crime syndicate. Black Sun is one of the most iconic criminal organizations in the Star Wars saga, and the organization reached such heights of power that its leader, Prince Xizor, was nearly powerful enough to challenge Darth Vader himself.

Black Sun is found in nearly every corner of the galaxy, though typically it is headquartered on Coruscant. Black Sun agents operate from The Deep Core to The Outer Rim, and significant Black Sun cells operate on every Core world. Black Sun operates under the leadership of a single Underlord, who controls the Vigos. The Vigos are the chief crime bosses of Black Sun, and they wield nearly as much power (And sometimes more) as the head of a Hutt Kajidic. Black Sun's influence is so great that its leaders are able to clandestinely commission a fleet of Starships from companies like TransGalMeg and Joraan Drive Systems, giving the organization the military might to challenge and overwhelm planetary and even sector defense forces.

Working for Black Sun certainly has its advantages. With the power to challenge local governments, Black Sun agents have a great deal of clout, and many weaker worlds think twice before bringing charges against a Black Sun agent. Joining Black Sun requires that the interested person prove their value, which typically needs to be more than just an extra bit of hired muscle. Once a member of Black Sun, an individual is required to follow the orders of their superiors strictly, and work above all else for the betterment of the crime syndicate.

Most people who are aware of the crime syndicate learned long ago to avoid any entanglements with Black Sun. The organization can be a powerful enemy, rivaling even the Empire for ruthlessness and resources. Angering a Vigo means making an enemy for life, and a conflict with Black Sun can be messy. With its own space fleet, Black Sun is able of to send ships to wipe out smuggling operations, destroy pirate fleets, and bomb the homes of those that oppose them.

Black Sun in The Rebellion Era[edit | edit source]

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Black Sun is a galaxywide criminal organization on par with The Hutt Kajidics. Although heavy operators within fringe society know the organization well, the public does not. Law-enforcement agencies know of its existence, but might be unaware of connections between local criminals and Black Sun or even of highly active segments of the Black Sun organization within their jurisdictions.

Prior to the Clone Wars and the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, Black Sun is dealt a severe blow when Darth Maul eliminates the entire top leadership, fulfilling Darth Sidious's plan to diminish the organization's power. Black Sun spends the following decades rebuilding. By The Rebellion Era, Black Sun is a supremely powerful and shadowy organization under the secret leadership of the Falleen Prince Xizor. Xizor even gains the notice of the Emperor, which he uses to promote his own goals, such as the destruction of The Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Black Sun is vulnerable because of Prince Xizor's personal vendetta against Darth Vader and ambitions to replace the dark lord. Upon learning that Luke Skywalker is Vader's son, Xizor attempts to have Luke assassinated, hoping to diminish Vader in the eyes of the Emperor. Ultimately, the plan backfires as the prince vastly underestimates the heroes of Yavin, who destroy his Coruscant castle and escape his grasp. Vader learns of the assassination plot and confronts Xizor from the bridge of The Executioner, demanding his immediate surrender. When the prince fails to do so, Vader destroys Xizor's skyhook, killing everyone on board. The loss of Xizor decimates Black Sun in the months prior to the Battle of Endor, sparking an internal power struggle that lasts for several years.

Black Sun in The Legacy Era[edit | edit source]

Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Legacy Era Campaign Guide

The legendary criminal syndicate Black Sun reinvented itself many times over the centuries. For such a powerful criminal empire, Black Sun manages to remain relatively obscure, despite its extensive reach. Throughout most of its history, Black Sun's secrecy has been integral to its success. However, these days, secrecy is not always of prime concern to some of its leaders. In some Outer Rim systems and other isolated areas, the syndicate openly displays its logo on ships and vehicles, largely in an effort to intimidate rivals and victims.

Black Sun's internal structure remains virtually unchanged from previous eras. Powerful crime lords, called Vigos, run the organization in groups largely divided by region or sector. Each Vigo controls the syndicate's criminal activities in his or her designated territory. However, Vigos in The Legacy Era act with far more autonomy than the Vigos of previous eras. They engage in their own schemes, which range from petty extortion to massive fraud against the major governments and extensive smuggling operations between the warring Empires. However, as in the past, the exact reach or extent of resources available to the syndicate is extremely difficult to determine, even by the Vigos themselves, who get along just well enough to benefit from their association.

Black Sun's resources include fleets of gunships, squadrons of Starfighters, flights of Speeder Bikes, and the occasional larger warship. The Vigos have influential agents, capable pilots, and considerable muscle at their disposal. The organization's influence extends into much of the underworld and a fair number of planetary governments, though Black Sun's stranglehold over key worlds has been temporarily diminished by the resurgent Sith Empire.

Black Sun Heroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Threats of the Galaxy
Guri CL 10 Personal advisor and bodyguard to Prince Xizor, often mistaken as the actual leader by other members of Black Sun.
Scum and Villainy
Prince Xizor CL 16 The enigmatic leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate leading up to and during the Galactic Civil War.
Clone Wars Campaign Guide
Ziro the Hutt CL 9 A Coruscanti gangster with ties to corrupt politicians.
Galaxy at War
Captain Greeku CL 10 Captain of The Cutting Strike (A Corellian YU-410 Light Freighter), Captain Greeku prowls The Outer Rim.
Homebrew Content
Harper Krass CL 7 A well-known Black Sun agent working on Vulpter to establish a foothold in The Deep Core.

Black Sun Nonheroic Units[edit | edit source]

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Threats of the Galaxy
Bith Black Sun Vigo CL 14 A Bith regional leader of Black Sun operations.
Rodian Black Sun Vigo CL 14 A Rodian regional leader of Black Sun operations.
Legacy Era Campaign Guide
Black Sun Thug CL 2 A common thug wielded by Black Sun commanders against their victims.
Black Sun Lieutenant CL 7 Minor Black Sun commander, directing Black Sun Thugs in smuggling and other illicit jobs.
Black Sun Vigo CL 14 Powerful crime lords who run the organization in groups largely divided by region or sector.
Galaxy at War
Black Sun Pirate CL 6 Working under the command of Black Sun captains, these pirates commandeer civilian merchants and traders.
Web Enhancements
Twi'lek Black Sun Vigo CL 7 A Twi'lek regional leader of Black Sun operations.

Black Sun Vehicles[edit | edit source]

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Rebellion Era Campaign Guide

Kihraxz Assault Fighter Starfighter CL 9 A low-cost and highly maneuverable fighter used to fill a variety of roles.
Kihraxz Assault Fighter.png
Supa Fighter Starfighter CL 9 A more reliable fighter used in defense of Black Sun stations and convoys.
Supa Fighter.png
Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter Starfighter CL 11 Heavy assault fighters known for their high survival rates among Black Sun pilots.
Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter.jpg
Vaksai Fighter Starfighter CL 11 An advanced variant of the Kihraxz Assault Fighter, using a better engine to enhance its shielding and firepower.
Kihraxz Assault Fighter.jpg
AEG-77 "Vigo" Gunship Space Transport CL 10 A mainstay of "Xizor Transport Systems." Used as a front for Black Sun operations.
AEG-77 Vigo Gunship (1).jpg
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