Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Scum and Villainy

Upgrade Type: Weapon Upgrade

Cost: 100

Upgrade Point Cost: 0

Availability: Common

A Bipod is an attached two-legged stand that steadies the barrel of a Rifle or Heavy Weapon when Aiming or using Autofire. Preparing a Bipod for use is a Move Action, and you cannot prepare a Bipod unless you are either Prone or adjacent to low objects (Or other waist- to chest-height Cover) that are between you and your target. If you move, you cannot use the Bipod until you prepare it again.

A Bipod counts as a mount for any Weapon that requires it (Such as a Heavy Repeating Blaster or an E-Web Repeating Blaster). For other Weapons, a Bipod makes Aiming easier. If you have already Aimed at or attacked a particular target, each subsequent Aim Action requires only a Swift Action. (Under these circumstances, a character with the Sniping Master Talent can Aim as a Free Action once per round.) This benefit is lost if you attack or Aim at any other target.

A Bipod adds 20% to the weight of the Weapon (Minimum 1 kilogram).

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