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Beasts have an Intelligence of 1 or 2. They roll their other five Ability Scores as normal. Beasts that show above average cunning usually have a good Wisdom score.

Beasts increase only one Ability Score by one point every fourth level (Instead of increasing two scores by one point each). However, they gain Feats normally as they advance in level. A beast that gains an Intelligence of 3 or higher as a result of an ability increase is eligible to Multiclass.

Beasts do not gain Talents or starting Feats, do not add their Beast Level to their Defenses, and do not gain Force Points or Destiny Points.

Examples of Beasts in Star Wars Edit

Acklay, Dewback, Nexu, Rancor, Reek, Tauntaun, Wampa.

Game Rule Information Edit

Beasts have the following game statistics:

Beast Leveling Statistics


1st +0 11th +8
2nd +1 12th +9
3rd +2 13th +9
4th +3 14th +10
5th +3 15th +11
6th +4 16th +12
7th +5 17th +12
8th +6 18th +13
9th +6 19th +14
10th +7 20th +15

Hit Points Edit

At each level, Beasts gain a number of Hit Points equal to 1d8 + their Constitution modifier.

Force Points Edit

Beasts do not gain Force Points.

Class Skills Edit

At 1st level, Beasts become Trained in a number of Skills equal to 1 + their Intelligence modifier (Minimum of 1). They can select their Trained Skills from the below list:

Class Features Edit

Beasts gain special features unique to themselves. See Creature Generator.

Multiclassing Edit

A Beast with an Intelligence of 3 or higher can Multiclass into any Heroic Class. Beasts with an Intelligence of 1 or 2 cannot Multiclass.

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