When mounted on a Rifle, a Bayonet allows you to use the rifle as a melee weapon much like a Spear. When wielding a Rifle with a mounted Bayonet, you Threaten squares within your reach (Even if you used the rifle to make a ranged attack on your last turn), and you can use it to make Attacks of Opportunity. A Bayonet requires two hands to use when mounted on a rifle.

A Bayonet cannot be used on a rifle with a Folded Stock. A Bayonet detached from a rifle is treated as a Knife; a mounted Bayonet deals more damage than a knife because of the added leverage and bulk.

Weapon Type: Simple Weapons (Melee)

Size: Medium

Cost: 50

Damage: 1d8

Weight: 1 Kilogram

Type: Piercing

Availability: Licensed

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