Reference Book: Star Wars Saga Edition Clone Wars Campaign Guide

The cultists of The Bando Gora have a reputation for being merciless, and you are no exception. You must be a member of The Bando Gora Force Tradition to select any of the Talents described below.

Bando Gora Surge Edit

Whenever you move up the Condition Track by any means, you gain bonus Hit Points equal to 5 + your Heroic Level. Bonus Hit Points are consumed before regular Hit Points, and unused bonus Hit Points go away at the end of the encounter. Bonus Hit Points from multiple sources do not stack.

Force Fighter Edit

Whenever you spend a Force Point to add to an attack roll, you heal a number of Hit Points equal to the Force Point result if the attack hits.

Resist Enervation Edit

Whenever an effect would move you down the Condition Track, you can spend a Force Point to negate that movement down the Condition Track.

Victorious Force Mastery Edit

Prerequisite: Force Training

Whenever an enemy you have damaged in this encounter is reduced to 0 Hit Points, you may automatically return one spent Force Power to your Force Power Suite as a Free Action.

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